Casa Gomez Maduro (First Impressions)

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Casa Gomez Maduro (First Impressions)

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During my first IPCPR Convention, 2008 in Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of meeting Benny Gomez, Loren Gomez, and Brad Mayo. That year, and each year after, the guys have all shared a booth at the trade show and we make a point to stop in and say hello. This year we took a seat and had a few laughs before continuing our trek of the show floor. As in years past, the guys made sure we didn’t leave without a couple of cigars to enjoy.

One of the cigars I was handed was the Casa Gomez Maduro. Having smoked a natural in the past, and enjoyed it, I was interested to see how the Maduro compared. The video below runs roughly five-minutes and outlines my first impression of this cigar. Please keep in mind that this is the only sample I have smoked and it was acquired at a trade show where storage conditions were not optimal.

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One thought on “Casa Gomez Maduro (First Impressions)

  1. Sweet first look! I just love these videos to give a quick look at the new stuff or even old favorites. I think these videos go nicely with full reviews down the road.

    Awesome job boss. LOL

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