CAO Vision – Epiphany

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CAO Vision – Epiphany

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Wrapper : Dominican Corojo
Binder : Dominican
Filler : Dominican, Nicaraguan and Brazilian
Source : bought from CigarMonster


This will be a short and sweet writeup, since I hate writing and I am not very good at it. My last name is not Hewitt nor is it White, so you will have to bear with me. If you would like to check out Walt and Jerry’s take on this cigar just follow this link to the wayback machine.

Taking a gander at my CAO Vision and I notice one pretty large vein but other than that the wrapper is pretty silky and smooth. With the Vision line, you get a foot band that has a unique serial number on for the individual cigar. I am smoking number 666863 for this review.

I clipped the head of this CAO Vision and had a great draw. Let’s fire it up.

First Third

Starting out this CAO Vision, I am getting a little bit of a bite on the tongue and roof of my mouth, probably from the corojo. I am mostly getting a woody taste with a bit of spice mixed in.

Every now and again I get a nice sweetness but it seems to come and go. Cigar is a low medium, maybe even a high mild in this third.

CAO Vision - written - 1.jpg

Second Third

First thing I notice in this third of my CAO Vision is the bite on the tongue seems to be hanging around a bit longer than it did in the first half. It is not overpowering, just a slight bite.

Second third of this CAO Vision is pretty close to the first third. Mainly a woody note with the nice spice on the tongue and roof of mouth.

Burn is perfect so far with no touch ups or relights at all.

Body is moving into the higher medium category but nothing too strong.

CAO Vision - written - 2.jpg

Final Third

Here we are at the final third of this CAO Vision and basically it is the same profile as before except the body is in the fuller range now.

Definitely full as you hit the end of the cigar. I still do not think it is over powering at all and with the full flavor throughout, it really doesn’t effect me.

Excellent burn throughout with an ash that would hold on for at least an inch, probably longer if I would have been outside and did not care about dropping it on my carpet.

CAO Vision - written - 3.jpg


I really like the CAO Vision cigar in this toro size but the single price places have listed is just crazy. I bought a box of them for around $120. If you can get them between $100 and $175 a box and you remove $50 or $75 for the humidor they come with, the price point is great. I really wish they would do away with the humidors now (neither of the two hygrometers that came with it are even close to being accurate. I am talking 20%+ off) and lower the price point to around $8 for a single and $5-$6 a piece per box.

Will I buy more? Yes, if I can get them for the same price or cheaper. I think these are a great stick even at $7-$8 each. Would be nice to be able to buy a refill pack of 20 for the humidor once you have it also.

I am just me.

3 thoughts on “CAO Vision – Epiphany

  1. Mike,
    The box sells on ebay for around 50 bucks. so if you buy a box and sell the humidor it is a really good deal. Still though the vision aint got shit on the sopranos or the mx2 box pressed.

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