Nicks Sticks Sun Grown – Churchill

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Nicks Sticks Sun Grown – Churchill

Wrapper : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : local store with my wife’s money


Well everything that could go wrong, did in this video. Short and sweet writeup for you.

Cigar was pretty much the same the whole way. I got a slight spice along with a natural tobacco flavor and a bit of molasses mixed in.

I liked this stick better than the maduro but still nothing I would buy boxes of.

I did get to the cigar shop and will have the connecticut next week, along with some new bulbs in my lights and the camera here at home where it should be.

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I am just me.

4 thoughts on “Nicks Sticks Sun Grown – Churchill

  1. Short but good. Even when I’m doing solo reviews it’s hard for me to be under 10 minutes. I think I talk to slow. We should all learn from Jerry the speed talker.

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