Your Christmas List – 2010

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Your Christmas List – 2010

December kind of got away from us but we thought it was about time we rolled out this years annual 12 Days of Christmas. Day 1 of our contest is setup the same way as it was last year. We would like our loyal readers to take a moment and put together a cigar related Christmas list, which can be passed on to friend and family.

After you make your Christmas list in the comments section below, you may make one additional comment at a later date to add or subtract items from your list. The reason for this is to make finding your name in the list easier for the generous people interesting in purchasing a cigar gift for you.

Don’t forget to inform your friends and family of the name you post under, and to point them to our article on giving the gift of cigars.

For more contest rules, check out the contest guidelines
on our 12 Days of Christmas page.

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60 thoughts on “Your Christmas List – 2010

  1. My list:

    A bunch of 5 packs:

    Camacho Connecticut
    Oliva Connecticut Reserve
    Gispert Maduro
    262 Ideology
    13th Floor Foundation Series
    E.P. Carrillo Edicion Inaugural 2009
    Illusione Candela
    Tatuaje Cabaiguan

  2. My list

    Illusione (any and all! lol)
    La Aurora 107
    Cruzado Domenicos
    262 Idealogy
    7.20.4 dogwalker
    MOW Ruination and/or Virtue

  3. LP T52 Flying Pig
    Viaje Holiday Blend
    Viaje Platino Lancero
    Nestor Miranda Special Selection Rosado Lancero
    LFD Factory press (any)
    LFD El Jocko
    LG Small Batch (any)
    E.P. Carillo Short Run
    KA Kendall 7-20-4 Dogwalker

    Merry Christmas!

  4. A box of Berger and Argenti Entubars
    a box of illusione mj12
    a tat sampler of some kind. I really feel like I am missing something here.
    a viaje Satori
    a tat anarchy
    Thats all folks

  5. Ramone allones spesiel selected
    Montecristo nr.4 (the once whit no plug and a bit of age)
    Vegas Robaina unicos
    Tatuaje Reserva J21
    Aurora Preferidos Platinum Edition
    Aurora Robusto
    Padróns 1926-serie

  6. Please Santa
    my wish list:(All I ask is for 1 stick of each…PLEASEEEE!!!)LOL
    Camacho Pre-Embargo
    CAO La Traviata
    La Aurora Preferido
    Oliva Series V
    Partagas Black label
    Tatuaje Havana VI

    Merry Christmas from Canada where cigars need to be purchased with an arm and a leg 🙂

  7. -A room to smoke indoors
    -Tatauje (any)
    -Illusione mj12
    -Padilla 1932

    Great Idea Guys…Thanks for another yr of reviews/entertainment

  8. – Litto Gomez Diez Small Batch No. 2
    – Oliva V Maduro
    – Coronado By La Flor Dominicana
    – Alec Bradley Family Blend Torpedo
    – An outdoor heater so I can smoke outside in comfort

    Thank you for the reviews, news, insight and humor!

  9. -Arturo Fuente Casa Fuente
    -Davidoff 2009 Limited Edition Selección 702
    -Davidoff Puro d’Oro Notables
    -La Aurora 107
    -Padron Family Reserve No. 44 Natural
    -Tatuaje Anarchy
    -Tatuaje La Vérité my #1 cigar website on the Internet!

  10. DPG Blue Label Generosos
    Tatuaje Verocu #5 cabinet
    Partagas serie D 4
    Man O War Armada
    La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor

    can you tell I like full bodied sticks?

  11. Box of My Father Belicosos
    Box of Liga Privada T52’s
    Box of Tatuaje Brown Label Noella’s
    Box of La Aurora 107 Corona’s
    Tower of Power Humidor…in my dreams lol

    Merry Christmas all!

  12. Picking just a few cigars is not an easy task, to be sure. However, I would certainly include sticks from Tatuaje, Opus X, D.P.G, Cain and Avalone. With the economy really spanking us though, I would put at the top of the list smaller acccessories like a tabletop lighter, cutter or 50-count humidor.

    Good luck everyone!

  13. My Father Le Bijou Toro
    My Father Special Addition
    Tatuaje Unicos
    Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro
    Padron 1964 Maduro
    601 Blue
    Ashton VSG
    Oliva V
    San Cristobal
    Aroma De Cuba Mi Amore
    La Aurora 107
    and a Nice Ashtray

  14. My wish list includes:

    1 Box of each of the pre-release Tatuaje’s Halloween series (both past and future!) in their dress boxes
    A Tatuaje sampler that includes 1 of each of all his other cigars
    A La Aurora sampler of the perfecto “treasures”
    A sampler of CA’s Top 10 Cigars of 2010 – of both the Cuban and non-Cuban varieties! 🙂

    Hey, I can dream!!

    1. Oh, and for my lovely wife – add a box each of Drew Estate Java & Java Maduros (she loves the aroma of these … a win-win!)

  15. In no particular order other than how they crossed my mind.

    Acid Atom Maduro
    Acid Blondie Belicoso
    Acid Kuba Kuba Maduro
    CAO Gold Robusto
    CAO Gold Maduro Robusto
    Java Maduro
    Natural Dirt Torpedo
    Tabak Especial Cafe Con Leche
    A larger humidor to consolidate all of my smaller ones

    Happy holidays to you and yours,

  16. A box of Mi Barrio
    A cabinent of Epernay of La ferme…
    A new cutter
    A bigger box
    A box of Tat 7th
    A box of Illusione -88-

  17. 1. Box of opus X limited edition
    2. box of Padron 1926 Maduro #9
    3. Box Fuente Anejos #55
    4. Box Viaje Holiday Blend (preferably torpedo)
    5. Box Diamond Crown Julius Caesar
    6. Box Gurkha His Majesty Reserve
    7. Box each of every Camacho Liberty ever made
    8. Box of Cohiba Behike
    9. Box of Aged Cuban Montecristo #2
    10. Box of each Tatuaje Monster series ever made
    11. Ticket to every IPCPR show till I die
    12. Get married to a future Padron daughter and inherit the company

    And that is my 12 days of Christmas!

  18. My Cigars Christmas short wish list are:

    Tatuaje Anarchy
    Man O’ War Armada
    Ashton ESG Salute (20 yr, 21yr, 22yr, & 23yr)
    Oliva Serie ‘V’ Maduro 2010
    Liga Privada Dirty Rat.
    Padron Family Reserves Maduro #44 & 45
    Opus X “the Lost City” Lancero
    La Aurora 100 Anos Preferidos No. 1 Corojo

  19. Tatuaje Anarchy
    Tatuaje Face
    Liga Privada T52
    Pardon 80th, 45th and 46th
    EP Carrillo Short Run
    EP Carrillo Inaugural 2009
    Rocky Patel Old World Reserve

  20. Box of Tatuaje Havana Angeles
    Box of any illusione
    Box of La Traviata Animado’s
    Box of any Liga Privada’s
    5 pack of La Traviata Maduro
    5 pack of 601 blue label robusto’s
    A new cutter
    New lighter

  21. Though my Christmas list isn’t exactly realistic, I still believe in Santa, and the Big Guy can pull off just about anything. My list has little for me (a wish list can’t be entirely charitable afterall) and a little for my fellow afficionados.

    For me, and in any quantity:
    – My Father Le Bijou
    – Esteban Carreras Habano
    – La Flor Dominicana LG Chisel
    – Opus X Forbidden X
    – To have my ST DuPont Xtreme lighters suddenly work properly (we have issues here at altitude).
    – To have an opportunity to enjoy a private dinner with Litto Gomez – I admire him a great deal.

    For my friends and fellow cigar smokers:
    – A realistic approach by our government to how it taxes cigars
    – A realistic approach to governing where and when we enjoy cigars – I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who doesn’t think we should have carte blanche to light up anywhere, but we shouldn’t have EVERYWHERE excluded either.

    Happy Holidays to all. Here’s to better times ahead.

  22. Merry Christmas to all and thanks again guys for another great year.

    A box of any of the Liga Privada T52 line (especially the Flying Pig)
    A box of Illusione ~mj12~
    A box of E.P. Carillo Core Line Regalias Real
    A box of Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles
    5 pack of Illusione ~singulare~
    A Tatuaje Anarchy
    A Viaje Satori

    An outdoor heater

  23. Oh I don’t know? Cigars, Cigars, and CIGARS!!!! And maybe my local B&M finally get in La Traviata Maduro’s.

    And cash.

  24. Origen
    La Aurora 107
    E.P. Carrillo Short Run
    CAO La Traviata
    Carlos Torano Exodus 1959
    Perdomo 14th. Anniversary
    Nicks Sticks Perdomo

  25. Gurkha black dragon

    Ashton classic 898

    Sir Vin Cigar Merlin’s Magic

    My Father Le Bijou

    God Of Fire

    any cigar that has to do with Alec Bradley

    Cigar Gift Card

  26. Padron 2000’s (very affordable, very delicious) – scratch that already bought a box
    montecristo white labels any size
    oliva serie V torpedo’s (pref maduro)
    arturo fuente hemingway short stories
    DPG my father
    DPG my father le bijou
    Ashton VSG – any size really
    CAO golds (pref vintage, wouldn’t say no to non vintage though!)
    CAO colombia
    CAO brazilia Gol! or anaconda
    tatuaje verocu #5
    liga privada No. 9 flying pigs. (heh, good luck finding even a single…)

    Maybe a nice new ash tray?

    Any of those items would make me very very happy, my humidor has been low on montecristo white labels lately… A few short belicosos and holy damn, I’d be lovin’ it. Of course, I already gave almost the same list to my family and friends 2 weeks ago.

  27. Hmmm Let’s see … (like my son says when I ask him for the Santa list)

    Liga Privada (any kind + any size)
    Cao La Trav. (Maddy preferably)
    Tatuaje (Black label)
    Illusione (any kind)
    My Father Le Bijou
    La aurora 107
    Le Sirena

    Note to my family: Any one or more from the list above would be really nice, I promise I will act like I’m surprised and I will even throw something like…” OMG how did you know??? Thank you”

  28. Box of Drew Estate Tabak Especial Cafe con Leche
    Perdomo Lot 23 Torpedos
    Alec Bradley Tempus
    5 Vegas Miami Knuckle
    Anything from Arturo Fuente- King B probably
    Nat Sherman Bankers 5 X 70

    I’m easy. Still new enough smoker that I like to try about anything, but I do like maduro.

  29. Perdomo habano maduro (just because I cant get enough)
    Perdomo habano Connecticut
    Oliva Serie V
    Padron 1964 Maduro
    any Tatuaje
    New ashtray
    My own library/smoking room in my house with a walk-in-closet sized humidor room!

  30. DE Dirty Rat & Flying Pig
    La Aurora 107
    CAO La Tratviata Maduro
    Illusione (anyhting please)
    Lastly all those Cubans that got confiscated by the feds should be shipped overseas to the troops proctecting our asses. They will surely dispose of them…. one at a time….

  31. My list is kinda short right now simply due to space constraints:

    Tatuaje Frank/Boris
    Illusione 2/3
    DPG Cedros Deluxe

    That’s about it. Frankly, I’m just excited to try new sticks, so anything beyond that is a welcomed surprise.

  32. Liga Privada No. 9 Parejo
    Illusione ~68~
    Tatuaje Petite Cazadore Reserva
    Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Maduro Pyramide
    La Aurora Serie Aniversario 107
    Montecristo No 2

    Merry Christmas Everyone.


  33. Awesome idea guys!

    In no certain order:
    – CAO La Traviata Divino / Animado
    – E.P. Carillo Core Line (Corona / Robusto)
    – Illusione HL or Epernay
    – La Aurora 107 Corona
    – Anything Tatuaje
    – Anything Padron
    – Oliva V Natural or Maduro Torpedo
    – Oliva O or G Natural Robusto / Corona
    – Ashton VSG (any size)

    @ Brian Fakharzadeh – Right on. Totally agree
    @A well aged Cuban – lol

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  34. -Tatuaje Anarchy
    -Tatuaje Verocu #5
    -Tatuaje Cojonu 2009
    -Olive Serie V Maduro
    -Berger & Argenti Entubar
    -Padron Family Reserve 46
    -Padron Serie 1926
    -Perdomo Edicion de Silvio
    -Drew Estate Dirty Rat
    -Diamond Crown Maximus Robusto No. 5
    -Avo Heritage
    -La Aurora Puro Vintage Salamone
    -Davidoff Puro D’Oro
    -My Father LE 2010
    -Graycliff Chateau Grand Cru
    -Carlos Torano Reserva Decadencia
    -La Aurora Preferido Platinum
    -La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami

    … name a few…..

  35. 1. Ave Maria Toro
    2. Perdomo Anniversary Maduro
    3. Rocky Patel Conneticut Churchill
    4. Alec Bradley Tempus
    5. Nub Habano
    6. Augusto Reyes Maduro
    7. Arturo Fuente Short Story
    8. Arturo Fuente Hemmingway
    9. Man of war Ruination
    10. Tatuaje Monster
    11. Rocky Patel Old World Reserve Maduro

  36. Now that my graduate applications are turned in (crossing fingers). I would like one of each of the following beauties for Christmas.

    Man of War Armada
    Davidoff Colorado claro Special R
    Ashton VSG Spellbound
    Arturo Fuente God of Fire Double Robusto by Carlito
    Padron 1964 anniversary A
    Tatuaje the Face
    CAO La Traviata Divino
    Liga Privada Dirty rat
    Casa magna Robusto Colorado
    601 habano Oscuro Green la Fuerza


    601 BLUE

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