Dos Familias – Churchill

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Dos Familias – Churchill

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Origin : Nicaragua
Wrapper : San Andreas Criollo
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan and San Andreas
Source : bought at local store

For the first review of the new year, I have for you the Dos Familias by Omar Ortez and Alejandro Turrent. This cigar comes in 5 sizes and I am smoking the churchill which is a 7 x 56.


I would say the first thing I take notice of in this Dos Familias cigar is just the weight and dimensions of it. It really is a nice heavy feeling cigar. I get a sweet barnyard scent from the wrapper and a tobacco scent from the foot. I also like how this wrapper looks and feels.

First Third

Firing up this Dos Familias and I get a little bit of sweetness along with earthy and bitter chocolate notes. Right off the bat the cigar is in the medium range and by the end of the first third it reaches a high medium, at least for me.

I really do not get a whole lot of flavor out of the cigar at this point. Most flavors I do get are very subtle except the zing I am getting across my palette. I am thinking that it is masking the flavors for my taste buds.

I also do not blow the smoke through my sinus’ very much because it is a bit strong for me.

Second Third

Charging into the second third of my Dos Familias and, to me, most of the flavor has just dropped off and has been replaced with more of a charred taste. I will get the earthiness here and there but with the volume of heavy smoke that coats my palette, I mostly just taste char.

Body of the cigar is full now but it is not an overpowering full bodied cigar.

I am hoping maybe these came from a bad box or maybe they need more age on them because at this point, I am not enjoying it at all.

Final Third

Well, I ended this Dos Familias a bit earlier than I normally do with cigars but it was just too harsh tasting. This final third went the whole way down the hill to the yuk playground. I really did not get any sort of flavor other than the heavy dense smoke that tasted like char.

I smoked one of these in my brother in law’s shed with him and he even said the smoke smelled horrible.


Will I buy any more? No, unless I pick up 1 of the other sizes just to see if maybe the churchill is not a very good size in this stick.

I hate to have a bad review for the first one of the year but for my tastes, this cigar is a wash out.

Happy New Year!

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7 thoughts on “Dos Familias – Churchill

  1. Thanks for the review Mike. I learned to stay away from A. Turrent stuff, my last one was a Te-Amo Nicaragua Blend and it was HORRIBLE!!…..the stuff that makes you wake up at night with cold sweats.and shivers. I cannot comment on Omar Ortez cigars since I’ve never had one. Keep the reviews coming and have a happy new year.

  2. JaimeVR, interesting you dislike turrent. I really enjoy A Turrent products like the triple play, and the te-amo was great as well. Always interesting to see peoples preference in taste. Thanks for the review mike!

  3. Sounds like one to definitely avoid. Hard to believe this cigar will run you over $100 a box with that kind of burn, ash, and taste! This is a big reason I don’t turn my nose up at budget sticks; you just can’t judge a smoke by the pricetag. Glad you’re back and feeling better, Mike!

  4. So I just cut the tip of my first ‘Dos Familias’. I found a blue string and pulled it all the way out. It is 4″ long and it looks like dental floss. What am I missing here? This is a mistake, right?

    1. Wow, I would say that is not supposed to be there.

      Maybe your cigar was female and it was “that time”? 🙂

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