Top 10 Cigars – TGT Edition (2010)

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Top 10 Cigars – TGT Edition (2010)

Happy New Year folks! Before we start reviewing cigars in 2011 its time to look back at 2010. 2010 was another awesome year for cigars. I’m anxious to see what Walt, Brian and Mike have listed this year. I had a difficult time paring the list down to just ten. To help me pare the list down, I limited it to cigars that were reviewed here at Stogie Review in 2010. These cigars weren’t necessarily released in 2010, just reviewed throughout the year by one of us…now, onto the list:


10. La Aurora Corojo – The La Aurora Corojo didn’t get the attention and fanfare that it deserved coming out of IPCPR. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that I think this is one of the best cigars to be released from the show. A B&M exclusive with a great price point.


9. Illusione 888 “Slam” – The 888 Slam doesn’t focus on power but instead sets it’s sights on flavor. Dark tobacco, sweet woodsy and slight spice can be found throughout the cigar. A little after the halfway point, the sweet woodsy flavor transforms into this caramel creamy concoction. Together with that underlying spice flavor make for one amazing and satisfying treat.


8. Viaje Fifty Fifty Red Label – Some will disagree with me, but the Viaje Fifty Fifty Red Label is one of my Top 5 cigars coming out of this year’s IPCPR. The Red Label is my speed in body and flavor profile. While the transition from medium-full to full isn’t spontaneous like its predecessor, you can definitely detect the change in intensity where the bold flavor profile goes from really good to great.


7. Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo – One of the first cigars I reviewed this year. Its kept my attention and a spot in my humidor throughout the year. With its balanced combination of awesome flavors and full bodied power, the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo is a gem of a smoke.


6. My Father Le Bijou 1922 – The ornate bands and thick billowing smoke make the Le Bijou nice eye candy, while its creamy, woodsy flavors will draw you in. What really does it for me is the subtle dark chocolate notes that the blend of the My Father Le Bijou 1922 produces. Its not the dominant flavor, its subtle but adds a unique complexity to challenge your palate.


5. Liga Privada T52 by Drew Estate – The Drew Estate Liga Privada T52 is tits, its gangsta and I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to smoke a cigar that perfectly balances out its strength with an rich array of flavors. The balance of the Liga Privada T52 by Drew Estate is where it really shines. I love the peppery sensation on the palate without the actual big blast of pepperiness. I love the dark flavors…coffee, cocoa, molasses and a deep but subtle woodsy flavor. All wrapped in a toothy, oil rich wrapper that billows thick smoke. A true pleasure of a cigar that I’m glad I gave a second chance to.

CAO La Traviata Maduro - 1

4. CAO La Traviata Maduro – A cigar that I didn’t personally review this year but one that I smoked a lot of. A great anytime, any day, any place kind of smoke. Well rounded with a classic Maduro flavor profile. Its a slam dunk and dollar for dollar, there are very few cigars on the market that can compete with this wallet friendly stick.

3. EP Carrillo Short Run 2010 – Again, a cigar that I didn’t personally review on the site but a cigar that I surprisingly found myself smoking a lot of. So much so that its become one of my favorite cigars. The Short Run is a rich, complex smoke whose hefty dark coffee, dark chocolate and nutty flavor profile really begs to be savored.

2. AVO Heritage – Probably one of the most talked about and impressive cigars from this year’s IPCPR show. The AVO Heritage is a cigar that I wish I could smoke everyday all day. The balanced earthy cocoa, nutty, cedar and slight spiciness flavor profile truly make the AVO Heritage standout in a crowd. All the sizes are impressive and delicious but the robusto is my favorite of the sizes.


1. Tatuaje Verocu #5 – This one surprised me when I sat down and started ranking. Even though it was released at this year’s IPCPR if you ask me what cigar I’ve smoked the most of this year, the Tatuaje Verocu #5 would be the answer. Maybe its because I smoke outside all the time or since I have a little one find myself short on time. Whatever the reason may be the Tatuaje Verocu #5 is my No. 1 for 2010. Price friendly, exciting, complex flavor profile and a cigar that has become my default “go to” cigar.

Closing Thoughts & Honorable Mentions

Well, there you have it. My Top 10 Cigars for 2010. A pretty eclectic bunch of cigars if I say so myself. Agree or disagree, there is more…no list would be complete without a few honorable mentions:

Drew Estate Dirty Rat – The only bad thing I can say about the Dirty Rat is how annoying it was to track down. Wonderful cigar that I wish was easier for me to find.

Master by Carlos Torano – The Master truly surprised me. I didn’t think much of it at first but it’s balanced, flavorful and my palette was engaged from beginning to end.

Casa Fernandez Arsenio Maduro – A delightful cigar with a friendly price tag for a limited edition smoke. Excellent flavor profile, long finish and a great bouquet of aroma.


20 thoughts on “Top 10 Cigars – TGT Edition (2010)

  1. Great list jerry! Ive been smoking cigars for about 4 years now but still haven’t mustered the desire to try anything by drew estates, I’ve just never been interested, maybe ill make 2011 my year to pick my way through there line. ( except for acid cigars.)

  2. Nice bunch of cigars there Jerry. I’ve tried to smoke the Liga Privada but it’s not well stocked at the places I buy.

  3. jerry I enjoyed your list, a few on there I wasnt lucky enough to get my hands on to try. It’s nice seeing different Top 10 it shows that we all have some what different palates and thats what makes everyone Top 10 unique.

  4. Jerry,

    As always a great job and its true Aurora Corojo is a great smoke, take care and hope this New Year brings yoy health and prosperity!

  5. Good list here. M y fav is the My Father Le Bijou Petite Robusto, which I believe has a different blend than the other vitolas. I’m on my second box of these and they are great. Thanks for turning me on to them Jerry.

  6. Awesome job Jerry! I have been really looking forward to the “Top 10 lists” coming out and you definitely did not disappoint!

    I have to definitely get my mitts on the Slam and Verocu #5. Had most everything else and really agree with your list. The only one that threw me for a loop was the EP Short Run. I thought it was a good smoke but I must have missed something (seemed a little rough). With that said, you (as well as Walt, Mike, and Brian) know your sh*t. Tons of respect for you have to say. I will give the Short Run another shot.

  7. Good stuff, just got my hands on the Dirty Rat and the Flying Pig, so i’ll give them a try soon I really njoyed the Casa Fernandez Aganorsa and have to say that year to year Tabacco Tropical and Casa Fernandez keep it alive. I also agree with your opinion of the Viaje 50/50 Red blend compared to the original. Not to mention that the CAO La Traviata Maduro was everything I thought It would be. Cheers to another year of stogies and reviews.

  8. Great list Jerry. I see a few I need to try. The review you did on the 888 Slam had me drooling (I know, “that’s what she said” lol). Have to give that La Aurora Corojo a try too.
    I look forward to another year of great reviews!

  9. I’ve only had the liga T52 once, but it was not worth the $17(California) dollars I paid for it. I’m curious to try the No. 9 though.

  10. hello torpedo!!! i just wanted to ask why dont you guys do anymore CUBAN CIGAR reviews??? im a cuban cigar maniac im a huge cuban cigar collector can you get us some more cuban reviews? the ramon allones rass is also one of my all time favorate go to cuban cigars its a staple in my humidor and part of my rotation get us some more cuban cigar reviews my website will be up very soon hope to talk to you soon.
    enjoy your reviews very much keep em comming

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