Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend

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Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend

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Today I have for you a review of the Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend in the Robusto Grande size. I did this as a short review since Walt reviewed this same cigar back in 2007 and I wanted to see if I would get the same things as he did and to see if there were any changes in the cigar since almost 4 years ago.

I hope you enjoy the video and it may go better with a glass of red wine.

Oh and an update for the people having trouble with itunes. I have had a few people try and say they could watch with no problems. One person had to disconnect from his work’s wifi and go to the 3g in order to be able to view it since his work was blocking it. Still checking it out with people but maybe if you try wifi and or 3g separately to see if one may work for you while the other doesn’t.

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I am just me.

8 thoughts on “Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend

  1. Mike nice review I haven’t tried this cigar and may give it a chance someday. As for the video on iPhone I just played it on wireless and 3G yes watched twice lol everything played fine.

  2. Good review Mike. Like above video worked for me played through the site on my iPhone on wifi. Nice clocks. On a side note who’s planning on going to Cigarfest?

  3. I personally like the Graycliff G2 for working outside or driving. I believe the torpedo is the best. You can get them for about 40 a box on cbid.

  4. Mike, where’d u say u got these for $37? I am about to try that Cameroon Especial, but in my experience JR makes the best bundles. Try their Cuban Boliva Belicoso.

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