Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend

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Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend

IT Cameroon Legend - 1

Jerry was busy taking care of some family stuff this week and was unable to get a review done in time for today, so I decided I would help him out and get a review up for you fine folks.

Todays cigar is the Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend. This just happens to be the cigar I decided to pass on for Mondays Review. This time, time was on my side and I had just about enough daylight to get me through the entire cigar.

While doing my usual pre light inspection I found the wrapper to be smooth with a few small veins running the length of the wrapper. When held up to the light I noticed that it had a nice oily sheen and a reddish brown hue. When pinched the cigar felt firmly packed with just a couple of soft spots in random parts of the cigar.

Before cutting I gave the cigar a quick smell and found the aroma to be fairly strong and enjoyable. After wetting the cap I got down to opening up the head of my cigar. The pre light draw was free with very little resistance resulting in a semi sweet flavor that I found enjoyable. After a quick toast and light I had the cigar burning evenly and producing thick flavorful smoke.

As I puffed away and worked my way into the first third of my cigar, I found the base flavor to consist of Nuts and Cedar. In addition to these flavors the smoke produced a mild Dark Fruit flavor that lacked sweetness (I know this sounds very strange, but that is the mental picture I got after each puff). The flavor was sort of like Raisin or Plum, but again, lacked sweetness. The body was Medium and the finish was about average length while being easy on the palate.

IT Cameroon Legend - 2

A little further into the first third I began to develop a little bit of a burn annoyance. One side of the stick was burning faster than the other. The uneven burn was right on the edge of being over the 3/8” comfort zone that I have. Aside from the uneven burn, the ash was firm as well as light in color. The draw was still free with little resistance which gave way to thick clouds of smoke.

Once I began burning away at the second third of my Cameroon Legend, the burn annoyance I was having corrected itself and all was right in the world once again. Much like the first third, this portion of the cigar was performing well, giving me thick and flavorful smoke. The body remained Medium and the Finish remained about average in length and smooth on the palate. The base flavor was turning a bit. The Nutty flavor was beginning to pick up and the Cedar flavor was now fading. The Dark fruit flavor was also being to come forward, but not enough to overwhelm the Nutty base.

IT Cameroon Legend - 3

The final third of my cigar continued to provide good results. Body remained planted firmly in the Medium range. The finish was now beginning to last a little longer on the palate but remained smooth and enjoyable. The base flavor did not change much over the second third. Things just seemed to get a little richer and more enjoyable as I smoked.

IT Cameroon Legend - 4

Overall I think that this cigar was a good value. I feel that it outperformed what I would have expected of a cigar that cost me between $1.00 and $2.00 (Cigar Bid Featured Auction Prices). It provided good flavor and a consistent level of body throughout which never became unpleasant. Of all the Rocky Patel Cigars I have smoked, the Indian Tabac line continues to impress me with its solid flavor and budget friendly prices.

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7 thoughts on “Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend

  1. Another great review, Walt. The pictures of that cigar look great also, looks real clean and fresh.

  2. Nice review Walt.

    Fight that tax hard. I live in Canada and tax on cigars here is about 150%. Basically, you can’t buy cigars in Canada, just ask Jerry. A Padron 2000 goes for about $20. It’s nuts and cigar smokers are forced to buy their cigars outside of the country… which hurts our economy and makes it a pain in the butt for smokers.

    I just bought a box of the Pepin Cuban Classics, based on your great review… they are resting for a few months and I’m looking forward to smoking them, I hope they are as good as the Tatuaje cigars I enjoy.

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