Illusione Epernay Le Monde (Joint Review)

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Illusione Epernay Le Monde (Joint Review)


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Tom from Tom’s Cigars

It’s been awhile, but Ed and I are back home on the Stogie Review. Where were we? Well, Ed has been busy moving his shop into a new lot, expanding his inventory, and building a cigar lounge. Some of you already know that I’ve been over on my own site slacking off. Ed and I figured it would only be fitting mark our return and do a joint review with Stogie Review founding member, our very own – Walt.

I’ve been a fan of the Illusione Epernay for awhile now. It was only recently that Mike from turned Ed and I on to the Le Monde size. After sampling a few, it wasn’t rocket science that we would have to review it asap. While all the sizes are great, the Le Monde just seems fuller and richer in flavor then it’s counterparts. This cigar has some common flavors, but there is something unique going on that makes it special.

So block off 26 minutes of your time and see what Walt, Ed, and I thought of the Illusione Epernay Le Monde size.

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17 thoughts on “Illusione Epernay Le Monde (Joint Review)

  1. The Epernay is ridiculously good. I’ve only had the corona size. Never seen the larger size, but would love to try it.

  2. thanks for the lengthy review gentlemen. the epernay is on my list of must-try cigars. btw, i like how the guy is playing solitaire in the background.

  3. It is indeed a great smoke. I’m thinking a box purchase is in order (hint-Ed if your reading this).

    Nick – Yup Petrucci it is!

    We couldn’t think of a better occasion to get together with Walt. Always a good time. For the next one, we’ll have to convince Jerry or Mike. Or dare I say, Brian? Stay tuned!

  4. I’m heading down to FL in mid-march not too far from your shop. I hope I can make it in, it seems like a great place. Entertaining review as always!

  5. Yeah, talk about rusty, I spent the whole video wondering just what sort of water Tom was drinking during the review.

    Welcome back guys, look forward to seeing more videos in the future. Also, I like the look of Ed’s new digs.

  6. Thanks for the great review. I really love the Illusione in general, I will definitely try to get ahold of some of these.
    Walt, your camera is working great. Ed, love the new place. Tom, you should eat fruit.

  7. The Epernay is a mind-blower for sure. Tom, you should definitely eat fruit. Antioxidants bro. Also, it would be sick if you did a review with Jerry and called it the Tom & Jerry Show. Boom. Old school.

  8. Jeff – Sorry I just can’t do it. If it wasn’t shot or slaughtered I don’t care to eat it (for the most part).

    Echo7123 – Jerry is a busy guy, but I’ve already sent him some hints. Let’s see if he bites. If he doesn’t, I will challenge him to a full on sumo match.

    Jordan – Nice, I hope you can. If your around on a Friday, I’m usually up there around 3:30 to 7PM for a smoke or two.

  9. Great review once again. I’m glad to see you guys back on SR. Thanks for bringing my attention to the Le Monde, I didn’t know that size existed. Gonna have to check them out.

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