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Cain F Lancero

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In November I sat down with Dave Wagner, VP of Sales at Oliva, to discuss Sam Leccia’s departure from Oliva. As the conversation came to a close, Dave mentioned that Studio Tobac was going to create an Advisory Board to bounce new product ideas and samples off of. I was asked if I would be interested in being a part of that board. After a bit more discussion on the role of this Advisory Board, I accepted.

Some time later I received a letter from Studio Tobac welcoming me to the Advisory Board. Packaged with the letter were samples of the Cain F Nub and Cain F Lancero. Thinking very little of the Cain Habano and Cain Maduro, and highly of the Cain F line, I was eager to light up the new Lancero addition.

I enjoyed the Cain F Lancero so much that I smoked through my four samples in a short period of time. It wasn’t until I met up with Dave Wagner and Shing999 at Sir Stogies one afternoon that I was able to score some more.

Armed with another four Cain F Lancero, I made a point to smoke them a little less frequently and record a review. That review, as you would imagine, can be found below. What I enjoy most about this cigar, aside from its smooth draw and consistent flavor profile, is that it isn’t quite as powerful as the larger vitolas. Although it beat me up a bit, I was able to smoke a lancero as early as 6:00 am before having breakfast. They also made for great afternoon cigars and even better evening cigars.

From what I understand, the Cain F Lancero is only available in the Studio Tobac Sampler, which can be obtained at tour events. Due to the wild popularity of this cigar, it is expected to hit the market in standard production sometime next year. In the meantime, I would suggest picking up a sampler if the opportunity presented itself. While the flavor profile doesn’t present many twists and turns, it does provide a rich favor from start to finish.

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14 thoughts on “Cain F Lancero

  1. awsome review. how can i join that program you in?
    and why dont you guy’s do that many cuban cigar review’s i would like to see more cuban reviews
    from you guy’s…and the only cains i had was robustos i dont care foe the regular caint theres no ballance,
    its to leathery i just dont care for it to me it was a flop and its bearley worth the $5 price point at that if it was anymore then that i would say its a crap cigar lol the price point is the only thing that makes it a yard gar thats how i think of that cigar just a decient yard gar lol…i had the caint maduro robusto thats was just a shit shit cigar lol…..and i also had the caint F robusto only 1 thought but i really really liked that one it was spicy,peppery,had leather with just the right amount of ballancing sweetness with a good finish id love to try the lancero

  2. Comments are nice, but in the end, as long as people are viewing the content, I think that is what counts. I’m sure your posts get plenty of hits. Of course, this is coming from a guy who doesn’t get a lot of comments 😉

    Anyhow, I haven’t tried this size. I tried the Cain robusto that came in the small box, and thought it was “OK.” The cain line as a whole just doesn’t impress me that much. The Cain Nub Maduro was good though. I understand elaborate marketing works, but not for me. I don’t care about motorcycle or car giveaways. I just want a good smoke. All the fluff in the world can’t compensate if the cigar doesn’t deliver. Just my .02.

    If I see this one around, I will definitely try it based on your positive thoughts.

  3. Walt,
    Hey I often hear you guys refer to the cigar community on Twitter/Facebook….can you do a review in the future on how/where to get connected on these forums?

    Good review …Not a huge cain fan….but i do prefer smaller ring gauges nad you have intrigued me to try this size

    keep the reviews coming…I think some of the sticks you have been reviewing are new nad sometimes difficult ot find so it is tough to comment on them

    you still put together the best review in my opinion…keep them coming….and now that i have a 1month old girl I can appreciate the being too busy

  4. Another nice review, thanks! Personally, I like the regular Cain line, though only the robusto. I find it balanced rather than bland, though, admittedly, it is not complex. Agree that the Cain Maduro is flavorless….I have smoked the Cain F robusto and enjoyed it as well. Had a bit more a zing to it…Yes, very technical cigar reviewing term!!!

    In any event, I am looking forward to trying out the lancero as it sounds even better than the robusto!

  5. Walt,
    I’m new to cigars (and your website) and love your reviews. I find the world of premium cigars facinating and have found a life long hobby.

    I look forward to your reviews and value your opinions. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Hey Walt,

    Must admit that I have never been a huge fan of the Cain line in general. I like a strong cigar as much as the next guy but not at the expense of everything else. I guess I have never been a raw power for the sake of power guy. It’s nice to know that the Cain F can explore a bit more balance perhaps in the Lancero format. Based on your review I would be happy to give these another chance once the Lancero becomes available.

    Always nice to hear your opinion.

  7. Nice review walt. I didn’t like any of the regular cains i’ve had, but i really dig the f. I’ve only had the robustos, but i’m looking forward to trying the lancero. Oh and it’s time for a haircut, buddy. haha.

  8. Walt thanks for the review, I actually only watched this one because I just got a couple Cain F cigars in a sampler today and I wanted to get an idea of what to expect. (Here’s the sampler I think they’re robustos)
    Really looking forward to trying the Cain F as well as the Ruination, neither of which I’ve had. I also grabbed a box of Ave Marias, mostly because they seem to have created such a buzz. In fact, I hear one calling my name now…

  9. Great review Walt and wow tons of good conversation! I liked it. Ok onto the Cain F. I think they are great and interchangeable with the MoW Ruination IMHO which means it is Top Shelf. Definitely looking forward to trying a lancero.

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