Stogie Review ‘Best Of’ Contest Winner

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Stogie Review ‘Best Of’ Contest Winner

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Last week I put together a contest announcement to give away a 5 Pack of Cain F Nub. In order to win, I asked everyone to put together a Stogie Review ‘Best Of’ list. We had some great entries come in, many of which brought back a variety of memories from the last couple of years. A winner was selected at random and thier entry has been posted below.

Ron Skidmore

Ron Skidmore’s Entry

Jerry’s Post: Padron Booth at IPCPR
This isn’t much of a review, but you have to laugh at a guy who calls himself a f-ing turd at the end. Plus I drool over Padron’s.

Walt’s Post: Selecting and Using Cigar Cutters
Walt has a lot of good reviews, but this one every cigar smoker should read. I remember reading it, just took me a while to find it.

Brian’s Post: Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial (2010 Release)
I’ll agree, these are great fresh, but better with age. Great review on one of my favorites.

Mike’s Post: Tatuaje Cojonu (First Impressions)
Your not the only one that can’t say it. I am right there with you.

Guest Post: Drew Estate Liga Privada No. 9 (Guest Review)
A great review on and excellent cigar. Nice job Drew Estate.

To read all of the other entries, take a look at the
Contest Announcement

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