Sun Grown Label

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Wrapper : Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder : I will let you guess
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : with my own money

I am starting off another series review for your enjoyment. This time it is going to be the house blends. All of these will be in the robusto size (5 x 50).

Third one is the Sun Grown Label.

This cigar was blended by AJ Fernandez.


Checking out the wrapper on this Sun Grown and it is not the prettiest thing around but for a stick under $2, do you really look for aesthetics?

Sniffing on the wrapper and I get a slight barnyard scent but nothing on the foot other than a normal tobacco smell.

Cold draw gives me a bit of spice and tobacco.

Burn baby burn.

First Half

Starting out this Sun Grown house blend and the first thing i notice is the zing along with a woody taste.

I really am amazed at how well of a draw every one of these has had and the smoke volume is great.

First half gave a bit of spice, woody notes and a little nutty taste towards the end but it seems to be a hit or miss thing as I only got that in one of the others I smoked for this review.

Burn was good with no touch ups needed. Ash did not hold very long.

Cigar is a good medium body with a really full flavor to it. Now the flavor is not a wow you type of thing but it really is pretty strong with the spice and woody notes.

Second Half

Ripping into the second half of this Sun Grown house label and the main thing coming out of the cigar is the spicy zing along with a woody note.

Most of this half was the same as the first with the body picking up to maybe a low full or high medium. I got a bit more of the spicy zing and the nutty flavor came and went a couple times but never hung around from puff to puff.

Burn was fine and ash was the same.


Rounding out this Sun Grown house blend and so far it is at the bottom of my list. not because it was stronger but I just did not care for the spicy zing that kept hammering my palette.

Burn was great throughout the cigar along with the draw and smoke volume.

Would I buy it again? I doubt I would get a box. I could see maybe having a 5 pack on hand for those occasions I wanted a spicy cigar with a plain flavor profile of wood but that would not happen enough to warrant me buying a box.

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I am just me.

7 thoughts on “ Sun Grown Label

    1. I am not a huge spice fan all around. I would rather have a cigar that has any other flavor without the spice.

      I dont even cook with spices 😉 I like to taste my steaks and burgers rather than cover them in spice flavoring.

  1. Again a nice review, I would probably Emily these because spice is appreciated. To each his own I guess… Now after a spicy cigar, you’re probably not pooling forward to review the Corojo? I hope I’m wrong about that! My request for your next review would be either Brazilian or Corojo Label.

  2. Bought some of these based on the review here and they are pretty good. They are up there with some of my other favorites such as the Bolivar Dominican, Excalibur 1066 and others. They are a very good smoke for the money and I am always looking for good cigars at reasonable prices. I also purchased a double cigar holder at for $11.95 with shipping included, and now I don’t lose any cigars on the golf course and am a very happy camper!

    Just my $0.02 worth.


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