Man O’War Puro Authentico

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Man O’War Puro Authentico


I’m not shy when it comes to fascination with the every growing Man O’War Series. From Ruination to Virtue and everything in between I’ve found myself rather impressed with the ranges in body, strength and flavors. The newest member of the Man O’War Series is the Man O’War Puro Authentico. According to and Cigars International, this is AJ Fernandez’s every day, “go-to” blend. The one size that the Puro Authentico is available in, a 5×42 Corona, is one of my favorite sizes and outside of a Robusto, is the size a gravitate to most often. Similar to all the Man O’ War Series, the Puro Authentico is mainly only available from, Cigars International and probably on cBid (I know, they all the same).

Outside of the annoying packaging I have to say that we have a new champion of the Man O’ War Series. The Puro Authentico edges our the Ruination as my new favorite. Love the size, love its bold peppery and nicotine flavors linger for forever, love the nuttiness that dominates the palate, love the soft delicate woody and coffee notes. I love it all. A unique balance of power, body and flavor that grabs your attention from the start and wins your heart an hour and fifteen minutes later. Note, after some sampling I’ve found that a good chicory coffee really pairs well and enhances the Puro Authentico experience.

Contest – Hard to believe here we are in March of a new year and haven’t had a single contest. Lets fix that now. One entry per person (unless you’re a Stogie Review Fan Forum member; your comment counts as two if you include your forum name). Win a box of Man O’ War Puro Authentico. All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me whether or not you’ve tried AJ Fernandez’s new San Lotano line and if you have, which one do you like the most (Connecticut, Maduro or Habano). Thats it. Winner chosen at random and contest is open for 1 week.


230 thoughts on “Man O’War Puro Authentico

  1. Haven’t had a chance to try them yet. Not available in Canada and from what I understand they are B&M only… Hope to find them at CI when I visit for CigarFest.

    1. Due to a lack of any good cigar shops in my area I haven’t had a chance to try any of the San Lotano, although the Habano would be high on my list.

    2. Have you tried the limited Ruination corona yet? The Diesel UC and/or Unlimited coronas? Just curious how you think those compare to the Puro Authentico.

  2. Haven’t tried the San Lotano yet, but it is high on my list. AJ is on a roll!!!

    Forum name: Blackbeard

  3. Haven’t tried the Son Lotano but with the way you guys smoke them on Stogie Review I will have to find them! Thanks for the review Jerry and the contest.

  4. Big fan of the original Man o’ War line here. (The Ruination and Virtue lines are a bit too Papa Bear and Mama Bear for me…the original’s just right.) I haven’t tried the San Lotano line…but if I ran across ’em, I’d pick up the Habano wrapper. I think AJ’s just a wiz with that particular shade.

  5. Great review Jerry. I’ve not tried any of the San Lotanos yet, but as an A.J. Fernández fan I’ll have to get me some really soon. I’ve heard only good things about them. Keep the reviews coming and keep on smoking.

    SR Forum and Twitter

  6. Nice review, can’t wait to get my hands on a few of these. Like you said, all the other MoW’s have impressed me so far.

    I’m also on the forum and I have had some sticks from the San Lotano line. Unfortunately I’ve only been able to try the Habano so far but I did enjoy it and will look to grab some others soon!
    Thanks for the contest!


  7. These sound like tasty treats that I will have to hunt down. Have not yet smoked any of the San Lotano.

    SR Forum: OlivaSerieV

  8. Great review, cant wait to try the Puro Authentico. I have has all three of the San Lotano line. My hands down favorite it the Habano. It is a really nice everyday smoke.

  9. Thanks for another great review. I am a fan of the original and the Ruination MOW (haven’t had the chance for a Virtue yet) and this one looks like another winner.

    I haven’t had the opportunity yet to try AJ’s San Lotano line but have seen the buzz growing on Twitter and am very intrigued.

    Thanks for the contest!

    Forum Name: mudboy

  10. I have not yet tried the San Lotano but am interested in trying the Habano blend.
    Thanks for the Contest SR!

    Forum name: Sin

  11. great review, jerry! i am resting a 5er of san lotano habano i got a great deal on from buckhead. i cant wait to try them.

  12. Great review, I pulled the trigger on these when I got the email.
    I love the San Lotano! Im on my second box of habano robustos! Such great flavors and perfect construction!

  13. Great review…I look forward to your reviews and this one got me to pull the trigger on a box of these MOW Puros. The MOW Ruination is one of my go to cigars (Oliva V, Tat Miami, Liga Privada T52, AF Hemingway are the others).

    I havent had a chance to get my hands on a San Lotano but I look forward to trying the habano version. AJ Fernandez does wonders with habano wrappers and I cant wait to try the MOW Puro and a San Lotano.

    Forum Name: Torchwood

  14. I have not tried AJ Fernandez’s new San Lotano line or the Man O’ War Puro Authentico…
    However they are now both on my list!

  15. ANOTHER AWASOME REVIEW FROM THE GREAT NO.2!!!!! lol…..anyway just wanted to drop a note and say…i was getting ready to buy some of these to give them a try and some age and i mostley smoke cubans now days!! and the way you said so much spice and pepper that tingles your throat i like sometimes..but cigars are supose to be harmonies,complex, and not a fire cracker or pepper bomb. or that annoying feeling in your mouth or throat i mean i love that sometimes im a tatuje whore,litto gomez,don pepin garcia oliva v and such, but since im mostley smoking cubans i find so much more enjoyment,pleasure out of the cigar its so much more smoother richer and more charachter our cigars are mostley pepper and spice bombs….you get pepper and spice in cubans also but its more refined and smooth and elegant.
    anyway great review jerry im gona buy me a box of these pups looking fwd to seeing another vid very soon

  16. Great review, I have been eyeballing these for a week or so…. Need to try some A.S.A.P…

    I have not tried the San Lotano…. But reallly want to.

    Thanks Jerry!

  17. Have not gotten around to it yet. I saw them a bit back and was intrigued. looks like i have a new stick to try.

    SRFF Patrick

  18. Haven’t tried the San Lotano yet, nor have I heard about it before now. Where the hell have I been??

    Forum name: BeaverC32

  19. I have not smoked the San Lotano yet. As to the review: I know I have to get my hands on a box of Man O’War, no maather which line!

  20. Have not had the San Lotano yet. Like you, I’m a fan of all of the Man O’war stuff so far. I’m looking forward to trying the Puro Authentico (and the San Lotano for that matter.)

  21. I have a San Lotano Maddie resting in the humidor, havent had a chance to give it a shot yet, maybe this weekend. Like everyone else I cant wait.

    Forum Name: SmokeyOgre

  22. Puro Authentico – sounds like a great flavor profile. Thanks for the review. I have not had the opportunity to smoke anything from the new San Lotano line. Love the Ruination.

  23. GT: have not tried the Latano line, but you and mostly everyone else is saying the habano is the best of the line.

  24. That is a NEGATIVE on the San Lotan line. But the PURO sounds like a winner. Virtuoso…eh Man o War and Ruinations I mos def dig.

  25. Great Review. Forum Name czerbe

    I haven’t tried the Latano Line to be honest I haven’t tried the Man O’ War line either. I’m excited to try new Sticks and really learn more about cigars and the smaller lines that are out there. Still learning my way around the cigar world, got a new baby, and a new look on life. Hope all is well.


  26. I have not tried any cigars from the San Lotano line line. There are always new cigars and I don’t buy enough of them to keep up.

    These Man O’ Wars seem awesome. I actually like when cigars are packaged with tobacco leaves. I make my own pipe tobacco and I use the loose leaves. I’ve rolled cigars from some larger leaves before too.

  27. I have tried the habano San Lotano and enjoyed it very much. I also got ahold of one of these puros as well and I agree that it has the edge over the ruination. The ruination will always have a place in my humidor though.

  28. Good review, makes me want to try one. I am not a big Man o War fan but this one sounds different then most I have tried. Guess I will get a chance to grab one sooner or later, don’t really but from CI or anymore either LOL. I did get a couple San Lotano Maduro but haven’t tried one yet, from what I have heard looking forward to it.

    Forum name tx_tuff

  29. I’d be very interested in trying this cigar, so Jerry pick me. lol

    I have tried the San Lotano line and based on how many I’ve smoked I would say the Habano toro is my favorite. Followed by the Maduro toro.

    My forum name is Keith1911

    Thanks Jerry.

  30. Thanks for the contest. I haven’t yet tried the San Lotanos. I’ve been keeping an eye out for them, but no luck in finding any yet.

    Forum name: Robert

  31. I was fortunate to have tried this during IPCPR 2009, I had a pre release version. I LOVED IT.

    San Lotano Habano is the one I like the best. Matter of fact I bought 3 boxes of them.

  32. I’ve had the Puro Authentico and loved it. Haven’t gotten to the San Lotano. I have a Maduro ready to be smoked, though.

  33. I have not yet had the chance to try the San Lotano. However, i am a great fan of all the Man O War cigars.

  34. I have had the San Lotano Habano and it was good. I have a maduro hanging around that I need to try as well. I mean if AJ blends it it is good. He is taking over IMO. Good sticks but more importantly the prices on his stuff are a lot less than others who make the quality sticks that are comparable to his.

    Forum name: Mast3rShake

  35. Tried several San Lotanos. Including freebies at a cigar lounge tasting. No offense, none really rocked my boat. Habano was best of the lot.

  36. Have tried a couple. I really like the habano myself. Box worthy IMHO.
    Oh, and nice review (as always) elfie…

  37. Hope to order a box of the MOW Puros soon. Love to try the San Lotano’s as everything AJ creates I have enjoyed thus far. Your reviews are excellent, insightful and help out many botl’s like myself who wish to continue to develop their palates. Your comments help me greatly to see what others taste. Keep it up, and thanks for the contest.

  38. Fan forum name: Bigdaddybry.

    Haven’t tried the San Lotano line yet, but love the MOW line and Diesel UC and ULTD. Thanks for the review and contest.

  39. Tried the San Lotano Habano and was not the biggest fan but want to give it another shot. Still have a Man O War Ruinatio Belicoso in my humi waiting for the flame.

    Great job as always Jerry!

  40. I haven’t tried the San Lotano line yet, but so far I love every AJ Fernandez cigar I’ve tried, including the first 3 MoW lines. Now I have to add the Authentico to my “gotta try” list – along with the 3 San Lotanos!

  41. Would love to try these at some point, price is a little high for 10 for my tastes right now on Haven’t had any of AJ’s San Lotano line yet, they’re pretty hard to find and if you do they’re out! Hopefully they’ll get out into the mainstream sites and be more available. Excellent review though.

  42. I hope I win these – I won a contest before for naming the new Aztec line and I never got the prize….

    Anyways, I love the Runiation line of cigars. I have not had a change to try the San Lotano’s; have not seen them here in Canada and not had a chance to go south of the border. However I sure do like the Man o War’s – have to keep an eye out next trip.

  43. Haven’t seen them at my shop yet. But will definitely try them when and if they do. Thanks for the review!

  44. Great review, Jerry. Only one I’ve had thus far is the San Lotano Habano, and I liked it quite well. I’m guessing I would like the Maduro. Hope I get a chance to try it soon.

  45. I have not tried the new Man O war but have tried the San Lotano. Tried both versions although both were ott so hoping for even more. On first sampling I enjoyed the Maduro version the best. Just wish they were easier to acquire.

  46. I would love to try the san latano line but there are no B&M around here that carry them ;(. As for the puro, I bought one and am waiting on some good weather to start it up. The review makes me want to get more before I even try the one I have!

  47. Jerry, another great review. I have not tried the San Lotano line or this cigar but I will, oh yes. I have 20 Ruination Belicosas and 10 Ave Marias coming and I will make room for the Virtue, San Miguel, San Lotano, and the Puro. He is really pumping out cigars!!!

    Finally, forum name is the same name.

  48. Thanks Clay @AJFcigars on twitter he sent the maduro. The one I smoked (in Toro) it reminded me of the Cain Maduro/Cain F especially the maduro but not over powering but the flavors spicy wood with a rich/deep coffee chocolate tone and a metallic zing telling you that smoking some mexican tobacco. A very good smoke I would like the try the Habano to see what it’s like.
    In it to win it (I Hope) now.

  49. i tried the san lotano maduro a week ago and boy was i blown away by its robust flavors..looking forward to trying the habano and conn soon but a.j. def hit this one outta the park. keep up the great reviews jerry

  50. Man, sounds like another AJ winner. I haven’t gotten my hands on the San Lotano yet, but I’m looking forward to the habano when I do…

  51. I have not had the pleasure to try the San Lotano yet. In fact I look forward delving my tastebuds into the 5 pack when it arrives. I have ordered the Habano’s really look forward to this cigar.

    Great review Jerry. I will take a look into your 60d sound question and hope to get back to you soon on it.

  52. Haven’t tried any yet but was gifted a Maduro by a generous BOTL. When the weather gets a bit better i will burn her.

  53. Haven’t tried the San Lotano yet and I missed Buckhead’s deal can’t find “em here and my local looked at me as if I just got out of a space ship but he always looks at me like that.

  54. Im a huge fan of AJ F. cigars and I am very much looking forward to trying all of the San Lotano line. Unfortunately they are exclusive to B&M, and No B&M in my area carry them.

  55. Hey Walt,

    I’ve had the pleasure of trying the San Lotano Maduro. I got an upfront spice that was nice but wasn’t too peppery. I got notes of earth and cream during the first third that stayed there throughout most of the smoke. I would say it is a well balanced cigar that isn’t very complex but is still worthy of being in your humidor.

    I hope I win and congrats on making 5 years. I look forward to seeing what else SR can provide for all lovers of the leaf!

  56. The flavor profile on the Puro Authentico sounds quite interesting, Ill have to throw it on my to try list. I seem to think that a lot whenever I look through this site.

    I have not tried the San Lotano either, guess I need to smoke more.

  57. No haven’t tried them yet, but sure enough one day i will find a B&M that carry them down here …

  58. I found the MoW’s at a local shop here in Atlanta. Not these new ones though. Regarding the San Lotano, I think it’s a toss up between the Maduro and Habano. Clay needs to give me more samples.
    – @NickWiegand aka 858 Nick

  59. Have not tried the San Latano line yet but am looking forward to it. Also looking forward to the new Man of WAR.

  60. Thanks for the contest, I haven’t tried the AJ Fernandez’s new San Lotano line.
    Forum name Skidz_23

  61. Ive tried the both the San Lotano Habano and Maduro. I liked them both but I prefer the Maduro.

  62. My local b&m got these a couple of months ago. I have only tried the habano. Quite tasty, solid as a brick with an utterly perfect draw. I’ve smoked about 15 of these and keep going back for more !

  63. I have not tried the San Lotano line but I see some Puro Authenticos in my future. Thanks for the great contest.

  64. I’ve tried the Habano Torpedo, thought it was OK. I have the Maduro resting in my humi and will have to check that out. Should be interesting!

  65. Can’t wait to try out. All things AJ are a must try. Nice to see the San Lotano has a cool back story as well. In to Connecticut sticks these days, so would like to try that first.
    Keep up the great work. Great Puro review..been fighting the urge to get a it is time.

  66. I’ve been able to try all 3 San Lotano varieties and found, for myself, that they’re a mixed bag. The Connecticut I liked more than the MoW Virtue, but I can’t say I loved it. The Maduro was good…for a Mexican wrapper, but there’s still just something about Mexican wrapper I don’t care for most of the time. So that leaves the Habano, which is pretty good but I still can’t say I “get” it as much as some people do…I’m not ready to buy a box anytime soon, but maybe I just haven’t found the right vitola yet.

    All that said, I’d love to try out this new MoW. Thanks for the opportunity and keep doing what you do.

  67. I love all things by the prodigious AJ Fernandez – I am smoking a La Herencia Cubana toro as I type this; but, I have not yet had the opportunity to smoke the new San Lotano line. Thanks for the opportunity to win what I’m sure is another winner from AJ!

  68. Have just recieved the new san lotano in the maduro and habano. Have not smoked any of them yet. Thanks for the review Jerry

  69. Nice review.

    Looking forward to trying the MoW AP (so close to ordering) or the San Lotano (still waiting for my B&M to get them in)

    Gone crazy for AJ’s blends and now they account for around 80% of my humi stash. No complaints here.

  70. Haven’t had the pleasure of trying a San Lotano yet, but it’s definitely on my list. I’m a big fan of maduros so that’s the one I would probably try. Thanks, bro keep up the great reviews.

  71. I have never tried tried AJ Fernandez’s new San Lotano line of cigars but I am entering the contest.

  72. I have tried them at my local shop this past week I tried the Maduro such an amazing smoke. Wanna grab some to enjoy this spring/summer.

  73. Nice review as always Jerry! How do you make a corona last an hour and 15 minutes? The best I could ever do is an hour.

    I haven’t tried the San Lotano line yet, as I haven’t found them but I do enjoy AJ’s sticks. The La Herencia Cubana is a mainstay in my humidor and I put AJ up there with Don Pepin and Ernesto Carrillo as my favorite manufacturers right now.

    Keep up the great work!

  74. SRFF nick – jerseyjay

    San Lotano ‘Habano’ … excellent stick. Liked it so much, I convinced my local B&M to began to carry it. He did 🙂

    Thanks for the contest, Jerry !

  75. Great review Jerry, I was waiting for you to do a review on the Man O’War Puro Authentico Cigar. I have ordered an 5pk each of the San Lotano Habano and Maduro in Toro size form the I Will lets you know later.

  76. ive had all three and feel the maduro is the best. all three however are great cigars. a good line from a great blender.

  77. Haven’t been able to try them. But I’m dying to!! Can’t find them anywhere in New York. Anyway, love the site love the reviews. Thanks!

  78. Great Review Jerry! I haven’t tried any of the San Lotano line yet, but I’ve been trying to hunt them down locally since I first heard about them.

    HabanoHam on the Stogie Review Fan Forum

  79. I really really like MOW Ruination. The San Latono – it would have to be
    the Habano, I am not bubblin’ over with the San Latono line, but I still have some restin’.

  80. hey man, love your reviews. You talk fast but pack allot of good information all in a short time. Hey yopu should check out one of our reviews? Are you going to cigarfest? anyways I haven’t tried any of the San Lotano line yet.
    Brian/ The Ashtray

  81. I have not had the pleasure of enjoying the line but the puro sounds like the perfect cigar for a fathers day gift so I have my fingers crossed for the outcome of this giveaway.

  82. To date I have really enjoyed your reviews, and until now have not commented. I decided to also leave a quick thanks in appreciation for your reviews. I am new to cigar smoking and am about 70 sticks in. Your reviews have helped to decide which cigars to buy based on your review description. I especially appreciate your brutal honesty as in your review of the 5 Vegas Miami. Nice.
    As for the San Lotano line. I have smoked both the habano and maduro, the maduro being my favorite of the two. I wish I had a more educated palate at this point to give you a better review, but I will simply say that i enjoyed the maduro more.

    Thanks again, Alex Bustamente

  83. I have not tried the San Latono line yet. I’ll add it to the ever increasing list of must- try smokes.

  84. I think the Connie was the cigar that suprised me the most out of the line. The others were good but not my favorite blend from AJ. I prefer his Diesel line and all of the MOW.

  85. No

    I haven’t had the San Lotano but I’ve had about all things Man O’ War and Diesel and love them all. Virtue in the morning and a Ruination at night.

  86. They sound tasty. Are they better than the ruination or diesels? Are the Man o War cigars only available throught the two etailers?

  87. I have not had any of AJ Fernandez’s new San Lotano line. They sound awesome, I need to give them a try.

  88. San Lotano Habano by AJ Fernandez, I enjoyed this cigar. The last 3rd began to get harsh. Maybe it was just this one.

  89. I have been looking forward to trying the San Lotano Maduro within the next few weeks. I have smoked a lot of A.J.’s creations and they are some of not the best per price point on the market today. He pretty much touches the whole spectrum of flavors depending on what line of cigars one smokes.

  90. Great review. Makes me want to pick some up. I haven’t had a good go with AJ Fernandez cigars. I can’t get them in my area, and the one time I picked one up it was plugged. But everyone raves about them so I’ll have to give them another try.

  91. Most of the cigars you recommend I’ve really enjoyed. Do you still smoke LDF Cameroon and Monte White cigars?

  92. SRFF user name HomeBrewer….. thanks as always for the contests. Unfortunately I have not tried the San Latano line as of yet but I have gone through about a box and a half of the Ruination. Love that cigar

  93. I have tried both the maduro and habano San Lotano, the maduro is good but the habano(toro) is awesome. Great flavor, impeccable construction- Box worthy!

  94. I have tried other AJ Fernandez’ products; 555 Vegas, ITC etc. and am looking forward to trying his Man ‘O War Series…as well as his Ave Maria. His construction quality and blends are very enjoyable!

  95. Thanks for the review. Have not tried the San Lotano but my buddy at work has hyped it up and I’ve never been disappointed with AJ, save for the Diesel. I am also starting to wonder if the original MOW is the best to date. At first I thought it was the Ruination but after a bad experience I have some doubt. The first Ruination I had was off the charts, a 95esque cigar.

    I’ve sniffed the Puro Authenticos and I am not surprised by your review. It smells exactly like a Cuban cigar with old Cuban tobacco, just what you’d expect AJ to smoke for himself. I can’t wait to compare it to the Armada next month to celebrate the birth of my friend’s second boy.

    Peace and happy smoking everybody!

  96. My favorite San Lotano is the Maduro. It has a real good flavor profile.

    I will definitely have to try some of these Puro Authenticos. The wrapper looks sexy.

  97. Have not tried the new San Lotano line. I’ve had the original Man O’ War and loved it but have not tried any of the others yet. Winning a box of the Puro Authentico would be a great way to give them a try!
    Here’s Hoping!
    Thanks for the contest.

  98. I have not tried any yet slow to get stuff out here on the west coast.I would say that I an looking forward to the maduro when i find them. Peace

  99. I haven’t tried AJ Fernandez’s new San Lotano line yet but I’m sure to pick up a few when I seen them.

  100. Dang, misspelled my own name in my post above — still haven’t tried AJ Fernandez’s new San Lotano line yet ;P

  101. I haven’t been able to find any San Lotano near me. I keep hearing great things though so I might have to take the initiative to order some.

  102. I’ve tried the all three wrappers of the San Lotano .I preferred the Habano, but the will revisit the Maduro. Thought it had more promise over time. Thanks for the contest.

  103. Wonderful, entertaining as usual review. Whetting my appetite for this stick….certainly can’t hunt them down here in Moscow…longing for home….maybe I’ll try to get ’em shipped past customs here from CI – for these may be worth a try! Thanks!))

    Forum: moscowdude

  104. I have tried the Maduro and the Habana San Lotanos. I liked them both; my slight preference is for the Maduro; I tend to prefer the maduro sweetness. However, I would smoke either of them with equal joy.

  105. Have not tried the Man Of War yet, but what a great band. Yes I have purchased a cigar for the band. Some times good some times not so good. I am just a big fan of cigar art….By the way you should indicate email not just mail. I used my home address first and then did a re-do

  106. I have only tried the Connecticut so far, but I have a Maduro and Habano resting in the humidor for later. The Connecticut was good, definitely looking forward to trying the others after some rest.

  107. Great review, Jerry! Sounds like a cigar I would love to try.

    I have not yet had the opportunity to try the San Lotano line, but have been hearing some great things.

  108. Would love to try the San Lotano line, though I live in Seattle and have not been able to find them locally. Sucky…but maybe someday I will have the privilege to try one of these cigars as they sound extremely non-shitty.

    Thanks for the contest Jerry!

  109. Havent had a chance to try any of these cigars. i’m new to cigar smoking and have only had a romeo y julieta reserva real! which i loved! but i would love to broaden my taste and win this set of cigars!

  110. I haven’t had the chance to to try these or any other Man O’ War cigars yet. My local shop doesn’t seem to have enough demand for them to order some.

  111. Since I’ve only been back into cigars for a couple of months after an extended hiatus, I have not had the chance to try a lot of different smokes, including the San Lotano, although I do have an AJ sampler on the way. The Authentico, however, sounds right up my alley with its size and flavor components. Since my return, I’ve been relying on SR for honest, in depth reviews to help me keep up with what’s going on, and all of you a great job! Jerry, I think that our tastes in cigars tend to parallel each other, as I’m also apparently a total slut for Toranos, especially the Exodus series, and couldn’t get into the one dimensional 5 Vegas Miami. Keep up the great work!

  112. I haven’t had the pleasure of imbibing in a San Lotano and being this my first time enjoying this site I look forward to utilizing all your products soon!

  113. I am a big fan of the Ruination and Virtue.

    San Lotano just made the list of sticks to try. I will be saving a spot in the humidor for a Connecticut San Lotano.

  114. I LOVE the San Lotano Maduro & Habano! Furthermore, I LOVE anything that AJ blends and creates. I’m looking forward to trying these (hopefully for free- wink, wink!)

  115. I have not tried AJ Fernandez’s new San Lotano line, but look forward to getting a hold of these Man O Wars.

  116. Have not tried them yet, however with my next paycheck will be making a trip to my local shop to try out a few.

  117. Good lord, Jerry…

    I got my box today based on your review (you’ve yet to steer me wrong), but I had forgotten how small they are (5×42). You must have some tiny hands!

    Keep up the good work, guys.

  118. I bought a box of the Habano, these will age nicely, look great. Have not broken the seal yet so I don’t have a review to share, I will break one out in about 4 weeks. Could not buy on line but could order by phone at 1-800-337-9800

  119. Good review. I usually have gone to another site, but I start checking your reviews out more. I haven’t tried any man o’war yet, but it is now on my list

  120. Just ordered the Puro Authentico on Cbid, so I’m stuck waiting a month for humi time for those.. Haven’t heard of the San Lotano line, but it’s not surprising, since most of my shopping is Cbid anyhow.. (They’re a little selective on what they put there). Also haven’t had the chance to try the Ruination, but the other Man-O-War selections were pretty good.

  121. The leaf that a box of Man ‘O War Puro Authentico comes packaged in is great for rolling your own blunts, if you know what I mean.

    Love these babies and the leaf scraps they come with! Jerry, you are just wrong about the packaging. Be a little more creative…

  122. San Lotano:

    I’ve burned several San Lotano Ovals, the Conneticut, Habano and the Maduro. All are excellent smokes! Well made, flavorful. The Oval is just awesome. I’m not a huge Conneticut fan but this one was very good. My personal favorite so far in this line is the Habano. The first time I lit one up I just said “Dam! Thats a nice smoke” theres something very special about this cigar and you can tell from the first draw. I still have a few in my humidor in the 6.5 X 54(?) torpedo size. Can’t wait to fire up the next one!

    1. Well Fred, you won’t win anything again this time …

      … This conest ended more than 15 months ago …

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