Blue Label

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Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder : I will let you guess
Filler : Dominican and Central American
Source : with my own money

I am starting off another series review for your enjoyment. This time it is going to be the house blends. All of these will be in the robusto size (5 x 50).

Fourth one is the Blue Label.


Wrapper on this Blue Label is very nice. It has a silky texture to it which actually surprised me a bit.

Scent from the foot and wrapper are all just plain tobacco and it is a very mild scent.

Go go gadget blowtorch.

First Half

Starting out the Blue Label and the first thing that you notice is a bit of spice along with a nutty taste. I really get some spice on the aftertaste.

As I smoke this Blue Label I might have to take my words back I said in the video about not smoking a stronger cigar this early. This one is not nearly as robust as the other two I smoked so far. Still some spice with a nutty component to it but the body has stayed pretty mild at about 1.5 inches in.

Rounding out the first half and the cigar was giving mostly a nutty taste with a spice component to it. I was getting a salt and pepper aftertaste that was actually kind of nice as it added a level of flavor.

I was getting a smidge of either wood or earth but with it just rotating in I was hard pressed to tell which it was. I should be able to figure it out in the second half as long as it stays around.

Body is about a low medium.

Second Half

Onward into the second half of this Blue Label and so far so good. I am pleasantly surprised by this stick compared to the others I have smoked. This one seems to have the flavors really melted together. I do not know if this is an age thing or what but it is enjoyable.

First one of the house blends that the wrapper ripped a little piece off when I took the band off. Picture should be in the video but it isn’t that bad.

Like the rest, good volume of smoke and a great burn.

Spice is becoming more prevalent now along with an earthy taste. Most of the nutty taste has gone away but I still get the salt and pepper on the aftertaste.

Dryness has really picked up here at the end, which has not happened in the other ones I smoked. I will take it in stride just because the rest of the smoke was really nice.


I have to say that I was surprised by this Blue Label that I smoked for the review. When smoking the other ones I was not very excited about reviewing it but this just goes to show you how each cigar can be different. If every one of them would smoke and taste like this one, I would see a box purchase being a go.

Medium body cigar with a couple flavors that will keep your attention, would be a good description.

Would I buy more? Maybe. Like I said above, based on the first 3 I smoked it would have been no but this 4th sample for the review really opened up and surprised me. I may pick up a couple singles to try again or even a box just to throw in the humidor and forget about for a while.

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10 thoughts on “ Blue Label

  1. Again nice job on the review. If you still want suggestions for your next review: Brazilian or Corojo Label please!

  2. You are legendary TOM. Great review first time ive seen you. You got a youtube or something brotha?

  3. Another great review. Always entertained and edified by them. I guess anomalies are part of the turf, but it’s unfortunate that doesn’t offer 5 packs to allow their customers to get a better idea of what they’re in for (and they’re not alone).

  4. Thanks for the review. One thing that doesn’t tell you about this cigar is that it is not a long filler cigar. It is of the ” mixed filler” variety with pieces of differing lengths. As long as the blend is consistent, this does not impair the flavor, but it will cause the cigar to burn faster, and sometimes hotter than a long filler cigar. Also, you will sometimes get flakes of tobacco in your mouth during the smoke. Personally, I think they’re a bit pricey for mixed filler smokes.

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