Oliva Serie V No 4 (Liga Especial)

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Oliva Serie V No 4 (Liga Especial)

Oliva Serie V - No 4 - 1

Last week I was going through my usual routine of hanging out at Kensington Tobacconist and enjoying a cigar. About fifteen minutes before I was going to head out the door, Dave Wagner, VP of Sales at Oliva, walked through the door. We got to talking and I wound up spending another couple of hours marinating in cigar smoke.

While there, Dave handed me a couple Oliva Serie V #4 cigars. Prior to my receiving these cigars, I had heard the news on Twitter that this new size was a European release. To my surprise, Dave began telling me that there would also be a smaller American allotment. Any shop attending the TAA Trade Show in Cabo, Mexico, would have the opportunity to place an order. This order would be a trade show special, exclusive to the shops attending. Unfortunately, I am unaware of any TAA shops in my area but was happy to hear the new size would be available, even if in small numbers.

The Oliva Serie V #4 utilizes the same blend as the standard Liga Especial. Flavor wise, I found this stick to be very similar to the Lancero, possibly a bit crisper. The primary flavors are leather, wood, and nuts. The finish is sharp through the sinus and easy on the palate. In terms of body, the #4 falls into the full spectrum, like its larger offerings.

In spite of its small size, this cigar lasted roughly an hour and forty minutes for this slow smoker. The burn was thin and even while producing plenty of dense smoke. The ash was light in color and held a firm, compacted, shape for more than an inch. When it came time to remove the ash, a firm tap was required to dislodge it.

The Oliva Serie V #4 is an excellent addition to the Liga Especial lineup. In the event that you have a TAA shop in your area, I would suggest picking up a few while you have the chance. As I understand it, the show special is a one time order and when it is gone, it is gone (unless you live in Europe where it will be a regularly available size).

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11 thoughts on “Oliva Serie V No 4 (Liga Especial)

  1. Regular size in Europe? Mmm… Have not seen it in the Netherlands yet but smaller size Serie V would be welcome! We did recently have an introduction of the Serie V maduro short robusto as European Ltd. That one is really NICE!

    1. I contacted the Oliva import agent for Europe just now and I was told that the #4 Will be introduced in Europe at the start of this summer. It will not be exclusive to Europe but will also be distributed throughout the USA. The #4 is being made at the special request of cigar dealers in the European markets.

      Perhaps this clears up the story?

    1. Jay,
      I can see a list of tobacconists with Google Chrome but the map is missing.

      Cigar Box
      829 Schuylkill Mall
      Phone: (570) 874-4922
      Fax: (570) 874-1592
      Website: http://www.cigarboxpa.com

      Cigar Box
      218 Laurel Mall
      Phone: (570) 459-3099
      Fax: (570) 455-9380
      Website: http://www.cigarboxpa.com

      Leaf & Bean Co.
      3525 Washington Rd.

      New Castle
      Smoker Friendly/Cigar Express
      216 N. Beaver Street
      Phone: (724) 658-6561
      Fax: (724) 658-8633
      Website: http://www.klafters.com

      St. Clair
      Cigar Box
      Coal Creek Commerce Center 400 Terry Rich Blvd Ste 8
      Phone: (570) 429-1190
      Fax: (570) 429-2423
      Website: http://www.cigarboxpa.com

      Cigar Box
      29 Wyoming Valley Mall
      Phone: (570) 270-3099
      Website: http://www.cigarboxpa.com

      New Jersey:

      Cigars Plus
      2140-1 Rt. 88
      Phone: (732) 295-9795
      Fax: (732) 295-2590
      Website: http://www.cigarsplus.com

      The Tobacco Shop of Ridgewood
      10 Chestnut Street
      Phone: (201) 447-2204
      Fax: (201) 447-0203
      Website: http://www.tobaccoshop.com

      New York

      Edleez Tobacco, Inc.
      1475 Western Ave. Stuyvesant Plaza
      Phone: (518) 489-6872
      Fax: (518) 435-0241
      Website: http://www.edleez.com

      New York
      570 Lexington Ave

      70 E 42nd St

      75 Broad Street
      Phone: (212) 962-3355
      Fax: (212) 962-3372
      Website: http://www.barclayrex.com

      De La Concha
      1390 – 6th Avenue
      Phone: (212) 757-3167
      Fax: (212) 333-3162
      Website: http://www.delaconcha.com

  2. Nice review Walt, the No. 4 sounds like a must try cigar. The few Oliva Serie Vs that I ‘ve tried have been excellent cigars. Keep the reivews coming and keep on smoking, and get some sleep dude. =)

  3. Citronela? That would be a funny review note “notes of cedar, some spice through the nose and citronela” LOL

  4. 1 hour 40 minutes!!! Hilarious. I’ve smoked a few of these and I’m not a power huffer by any means. Maybe 45 minutes at best. That threw all credibility of your review out the window for me.

  5. That one person smokes a cigar less quickly than you has no bearing on whether his comments are valid. Nice job, Walt.

    A buddy of mine and I smoked the Serie V (non-maduro) Churchill last night. We were both surprised by the somewhat washed out nature of the flavors. Maybe this was due to the larger Churchill format? Also, we both got a faint metalic taste. I’m assuming these were the this year’s “V” blend, as they were just purchased from a popular bidding site.

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