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Support Team JJ


A bit late notice but the family and I are participating in a SIDS Charity Walk tomorrow (Saturday, May 7). This is the 13th Annual Walk for SIDS sponsored by the Center for Infant & Child Loss. The Center for Infant & Child Loss works with Maryland families and communities facing the sudden unexpected death of their infant or child as they learn to live with their loss. The Center is committed to increasing the understanding of sudden infant and child death, risk reduction practices, grief, and compassionate intervention.

The Center for Infant & Child loss was there for us when we lost JJ to SIDS. This is our first year participating in the walk and we hope to add to the $22,000 raised in 2010. Any support is greatly appreciated. If you wish to contribute online, at the bottom of the form under “Other Information” – select you are supporting the walk and your donation is in memory of Jeremiah Cruz Jr. (JJ) your donation will count towards our Team JJ totals.

Click Here to Donate

Thanks to Jose Flores Jr for creating the above logo.


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  1. Talk about late notice! lol jk jerry, i support Team JJ all the way! It’s a great cause and good luck!

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