Augusto Reyes Epicur

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Augusto Reyes Epicur

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Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut seed
Binder : mystery
Filler : Dominican
Source : Cigars International with my own money

Well thanx to Walt for pointing these out to me (and getting me in even more trouble with the wife) so I can do another series type review for your enjoyment. This time I am going to be doing a sampler of Augusto Reyes cigars including the Epicur, Criollo, Maduro, Grand Cru and Nativo all in the toro size.

All of these are available in four sizes, Belicoso (6.5″ x 54), Gordo (6.0″ x 58), Robusto (5.2″ x 50), Toro (6.2″ x 54).

Right now prices are $60 for a box of 20 for all but the robusto which is $50.


Starting off with a big ole whiff of this Augusto Reyes Epicur wrapper and I mostly get a natural tobacco scent, which is the same thing I get from the foot.

Taking a cold draw and I am met with tobacco and spice tastes and a little tighter draw than I would like. This was the only one with a tighter draw that I smoked, so it just ha to be the one I did on camera.

Fire, fire, fire, fire. Puff puff puff puff.

First Half

Starting out in this Augusto Reyes Epicur and I get a whole bunch of spice up front along with a nutty flavor.

Really a mild start to the cigar but the spice gets your attention in some of these. Not all I have smoked had that initial big blast of spice but you will know when you get it.

Spice has dropped back a little after the first inch or so. It’s more of a nice subtle hint along with the nutty taste and a bit of wood.

Not a whole lot going on in this first half but it has been a solid burning cigar with a woody, nutty and spicy profile. Has a little bit of creaminess to it, as it coats the palette nicely but not like some cigars I have smoked. Maybe a middle of the road creaminess.

Really an enjoyable smoke so far.

Second Half

Zooming into the second half of this Augusto Reyes Epicur and so far, so good. Really a mild smoke that burns well up to this point so lets hope it continues to the end.

Body has picked up ever so slightly but it may be in the medium range. I would go for low-medium though.

Flavors so far are pretty consistant with the first half. A real solid smoking cigar.

Spice has come back a bit but it is still nothing like in the very beginning of the cigar. Makes it nice with subtle changes in a cigar as it keeps your attention rather than just being an after thought.

Rounding out this half with a nice nutty taste with a bit of wood and spice.


After smoking four of these Augusto Reyes Epicur cigars, I find myself liking them more and more. Really a great burn, nice flavors but nothing that is going to wow you except maybe sometimes the spice that gets you when you least expect it.

Would I buy again? Yes. I am definitely going to grab more of these as they are a great morning/afternoon smoke for me.

If you are curious about them, I suggest buying the sampler like I did so you can get a good feel for each blend and then make your decision on purchases. Well after I review them all and you see if you may like them or not by my taste buds 😉

About the Video

I wanted to say also that the video is not the best yet as this was only my second time trying to use the Canon t3i to record in HD. Next time I will have it in front of me so I am looking right at it! I can not find a way to have it autofocus during video recording, which sux, but I think the quality will more than make up for seeing the cigar up close all the time.

Let me know what you think.

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I am just me.

10 thoughts on “Augusto Reyes Epicur

  1. Hey Mike. I hope you can figure out how to get the new camera to focus on the close-ups, but I like the higher quality it provides the rest of the review. I’ve been contemplating pulling the trigger on this sampler, and now it looks like I should. Thanks for the review.


    1. The way it looks the only way to focus while shooting video is to manually turn the ring on the lens. I want to look about a remote for it that maybe I can focus using that but the hardest part is bringing me back in focus. It may look in focus on the little lcd but the finished product may be off.

      I also may be able to just zoom into it when I render my video. I will have to check that out.

      Fingers are crossed that I can get it to focus in though!

  2. Nice, another series review! I love that, thanks Mike. Is it gonna be the same deal: 1 each week and the possibility for viewers to request which one will be next? If so, I am interested in the Grand Cru and Criollo.

    1. Yep, 1 per week and I will take your requests, so either Criollo or the Grand Cru will be next. I have to admit, the Grand Cru worries me a bit from what I read but I will soldier through 😉

  3. Mike,
    I know you like milder cigars and think you would really enjoy the Graycliff G2 (Pirate). I picked up a box on cbid for 40 and smoked through them in a few months. It is one of the few conn. wrapped cigars I like.

  4. A nice looking Conn shade wrapper wth lightly defined veining. Good looking construction, seems like a nice double, if not triple, cap. Smell is slightly sweet fermented barnyard smell…No way offensive, like young fermented grass…Natural and organic.

    Punched and lit easily. Immediately it was a pleasant and quite mild blended taste perceived. In some ways I would call this a taste of the classic cigar flavor. Not bland to the point of being boring and not edgy or overly complex. A real lighter shade of a classic flavor profile I feel would be a great cigar for the masses. This is not to say this cigar is some kind of pale immitation, no, to the contrary it is a kind of iconic taste that I think is a benchmark for a mild cigar.

    The burn was very even in a tough outdoor enviroment, that is a really a big plus to this smoker who smokes outdoors in high humidity on a normal basis. I can’t say this enough, but many great cigars do not burn regularly in a high-humidity and windy outdoor enviroment…This one did. I liked everything about this cigar when considered in the realm of a mild profile mindset. This brand isn’t a very “high-profile” label and if that matters to you then you, unlike me, may not give this cigar it’s due. I think Dunhill, AVO, and Davidoff would not be ashamed of this blend, but unlike those brands you can buy this online at a fraction of the prices those revered labels command. I nubbed it, the ash was a beautiful light grey affair that wasn’t particularly dense thus I recommend disposing of regularly even though it will hold a respectable length. This cigar was an unexpected total mild profile success. If it is as consistent as the five I got in my sampler this will be a cigar I will not hesitate to purchase an entire box of. A very good, if not too complex, mild cigar that is available at aggressively discounted prices…What’s not to like?

  5. I agree with your review! Nice! This cigar was a little
    lighter than I prefer, but still enjoyable. You said it was to
    tight of a draw for you, but mine was nice and free flowing. Maybe
    yours was still a little moist. I like to drink beer with my
    cigars, and I would drink a lighter lager with this one.

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