Women of Cigarfest 2011

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Women of Cigarfest 2011

Women of Cigarfest 2011 - Header - 1Kelli Mackenzie as the Pirate’s Gold Girl

It is that time of year again for us to roll out our annual Women of Cigarfest post. Like in years past, Cigars International had many attractive women on hand to distribute cigars, sell merchandise, or make themselves available for photos.

One thing I noticed this year was that the majority of the Cigarfest models remained in one costume throughout the duration of the event. Last year, I recall several of the women going through a wardrobe change at least once during the festivities. This kept the guys looking at the models to see if someone new was walking about.

Below is a slide show of all of our Women of Cigarfest 2011 photos. There are a lot this year as Mike and I took turns taking still photos, which resulted in more than one picture of the same woman (which happened anyway since neither one of us remembered if we already had a photo of a given woman). In any case, enjoy the photos.

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