IPCPR 2011 – TGT Impressions

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IPCPR 2011 – TGT Impressions

Man, shooting and editing in HD takes a lot longer than it use. This was supposed to be published this morning but I had to figure out a way to get the video to a manageable size and not its 160GB behemoth that it started out as. Anyway, about 11 minutes of be babbling about IPCPR. A little more detail on who stood us up. Some will probably say that its classless to name names but whatever. I kept my end of the arrangement. I also talk about my Top 3 Cigars (that I’ve smoked) coming out of IPCPR.


8 thoughts on “IPCPR 2011 – TGT Impressions

  1. Who are AB Cigar and General Cigar? They are average cigars maker. They have not seem your new camera and lights. You did a great job at the IPCPR 2011 .

  2. Nice wrap up. Thanks for all the great coverage and hard work. There seem to be a ton of great new cigars this year. Had a La Casita at Draper’s Bethesda – really nice smoke! Kind of surprised me that it didn’t have a ton of spice. Still, very rich, deep flavors, and unique. I can see many more in my future.

  3. After watching all of the IPCPR clips one of the trends I noticed was alot of the manufacturers had box-press torpedos or box-press figurados of some sort. Avion, My Father, Epernay, Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve, Viaje all box-press torpedos which im glad because it is an AWESOME vitola…im sure I also missed a few

  4. Is this the kinder, gentler Jerry on camera?

    Great commentary Jerry and I’d probably stand you up for Wayne Newton as well. But if it was you or William Hung, you would win. Hope that makes you feel better 🙂

  5. Great recap of the IPCPR show. The new HD quality was worth the hassle.

    It gave the video depth and thought I was a watching a professional documentary interview on my iPhone.

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