IPCPR 2011: Complete Digest

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IPCPR 2011: Complete Digest

Jerry Cruz and Jose Blanco - IPCPR 2011

Over the past two weeks Stogie Review has been doing our best to bring you the IPCPR experience. Jerry and Brian did an amazing job this year and produced a large sum of videos. Understandably, all of these videos may have been tough to keep up with. In an effort to make things easier for you, we have put together a digest of all of our IPCPR Coverage.

We have broken the posts into four categories. The first is Sneak Peek, which is all of the video collected before the show floor opened. The next category is Booth Tours. Just as it sounds, these are self guided tours around the various booths. Third is the Interview category, which is made up of one on one interviews. Last we have Everything Else, which is pretty much everything that didn’t fit in the above categories.

Sneak Peek Booth Tours

Booth Tours


Everything Else

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4 thoughts on “IPCPR 2011: Complete Digest

  1. I think one of the things that is missing are the links to the sites. I saw all the reviews you posted and the sames that were posted on cigartube.tv

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