Devil’s Weed Maduro

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Devil’s Weed Maduro

Devils Weed Maduro - main.jpg

Wrapper : Maduro
Binder : Dominican (guessing)
Filler : Dominican
Source : CigarBid

Today I have for you a look at the Devil’s Weed Maduro which is only available in one size, a chuchill (7.0″ x 50) from Cigar’s International.

If my memory serves me, the maduro was not out when the original Devil’s Weed was introduced and came about after CI bought them up.


Starting out, this Devil’s Weed Maduro is pretty ugly. Big veins, bumps and the band blends in with the wrapper and does nothing for the cigar at all.

Wrapper scent is tobacco while the foot gives a bit of bitter chocolate. Cold draw gave a bitter wood taste as I could not taste any of the chocolate associated with the bitter I was getting.

Clipped the head, lit it up (after getting a working lighter from my pile) and was met with a very loose draw.

First Half

Starting off the Devil’s Weed Maduro I am met with a super loose draw and a bit of wood. I get a little bit of a bitter taste but no chocolate came into play until about an inch in, then the bitter chocolate took the stage and actually overshadowed the wood taste.

As quickly as the chocolate came in, it has left and made the woody taste the predominant flavor again. I had this happen in a few I smoked but it always seemed to come back to that bitter chocolate at some point. We shall see if this one does the same.

At the end of the first half the bittersweet chocolate came back and turned into more of a semi-sweet chocolate taste. Wood was still in the background but the sweet chocolate taste was definitely in the front.

Second Half

Entering the second half of this Devil’s Weed Maduro and so far I am liking it a lot better than the natural wrapped version. I think the flavors are a lot bolder that the natural wrapped one but it is still a mild cigar.

Into the second half and the flavors are still producing chocolate and wood tastes. Nothing outstanding just simple and straight forward.

Second half ended pretty much the same with the chocolate flavor up front and a woodsy taste in the back.

Nothing special but not bad. Stayed mild to low medium through the end but it did get a little nasty toward the finish.


Wrapping up this Devil’s Weed Maduro and the first thing to say is it was better than the natural but still nothing special. It would be a good fill in cigar for mowing the grass or if you are leaving soon and wont have time to finish and do not want to toss an expensive cigar away.

Would I buy it again? I could see keeping some on hand but I would not go out of my way to get them.

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8 thoughts on “Devil’s Weed Maduro

  1. Nothing like a weekly dirt cheap cigar review with Mike lol. I had come across these in CI a few times and unfortunately just walked right by them. If I had the chance to try an individual stick I’d probably do it as opposed to dropping money on a bundle I’m not even sure I’ll like. Thanks for the review.

  2. At least these are better than the naturals. It’s a shame that they weren’t among the victims of the mold outbreak, instead of the ones that did get tossed. Does homeowners’ insurance cover that? 😉

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have to agree the maduro is a better stick the the natural. You gave me both in the trade we made, and I can get through the maduro the natural is just in there to fill some space, good review mike, Love the Chair!!

  4. Thanx for the review Mike. I was curious to know if these were any different or better than the natural’s.

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