Perdomo Reserve Limited Cameroon Edition Petit Corona

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Perdomo Reserve Limited Cameroon Edition Petit Corona

This week I continue to avoid the trendy big rings, instead checking out a brand new old Perdomo. Brand new in the sense that the Perdomo Reserve Limited Edition Petit Corona was introduced at this year’s IPCPR trade show, but old in the sense that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Perdomo Reserve Cameroon in this format. According to an old press release I found online, a slightly longer Petit Corona was introduced back in 2005. And then some years later, the entire Reserve Cameroon line was discontinued.

At the moment, there’s not a lot of information about this reintroduction of the Reserve Cameroon, other than to say that it’s a limited, one time deal. That’s probably because the Champagne Noir is getting more attention, and also because, as Nick mentioned at the show, this is just one of 30 new cigars and line extensions Perdomo is bringing to market this year.

The word is that Perdomo had a little of the Cameroon leaf left, and this format was the most efficient way to use it. While it lasts, you’ll find them in boxes of 10 for around $50, or for $5.00 a single. I think that covers it, so let’s burn it.

Cigar Stats:
Size: 4 1/2 x 44
Wrapper: Grade 1 African Cameroon
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaraguan Cuban Seed
Smoking Time: 1 1/4 hours
Beverage: Water
Source: Purchased by reviewer
Price: MSRP $5.00

The Pre-Smoke
The Cameroon Petit Corona is a great looking cigar, and I’ve always liked the silver and gold band on this line. The sticks I smoked were nearly seamless in appearance, with very fine veins and sporadic tooth which was only apparent when you take a close look. I found some minor cosmetic damage near the cap of one cigar, and some tiny spotting on the wrapper of another.

These sticks had an interesting aroma that was a combination of hay and dill, and a sweet floral cold taste. In all other ways the cigars seemed well constructed.

The Burn
For the most part, the Cameroon Petit Corona burned very well. You can expect light-colored, compact ashes, and generally even burn lines. But you may also encounter some intermittent flaking and cracking in the ash too. So probably not a cigar you’re going to enter into a long ash competition, but also not one that will be much of a hassle either.

The Flavor
The first few puffs of the Cameroon Petit Corona provided an impressive rich and sweet combination of graham, tobacco and grass flavors. As the cigar warmed up, the profile transitioned into a sweet, orange-y grass, with aromatic cedar notes, coffee and a subtle spice.

The second third continued to produce sweet citrus grass flavors, but the base made a transition from coffee to leather. The cigar also seemed a little drier on the palate now than it had before.

As the cigar neared the final third, I again picked up those pleasing graham notes, and even a little bit of caramel. There was also less leather and more of a chocolate and coffee base to the profile. Aromatic cedar, grass and spice lingered in the finish.

The Price
Perdomo has become known for keeping cigar costs down, and continues to do so here. Often limited editions are an opportunity for manufacturers to bump up the price a bit, but this Petit Corona is only 50 cents more than the 2005 original, which is basically what the original would cost if you added SCHIP to it. No complaints here.

The Verdict
Perdomo made it so easy to mark these sticks box-worthy. In addition to being a great Cameroon cigar with complex flavor, produced in one of my favorite formats, the inexpensive ten-count box makes it an easy purchase. It’s a no-brainer: If you like Cameroon and you have a Grant in your wallet (or the plastic equivalent) pick up a box. They’re great, and you won’t regret it. The one caveat I’ll add is that for best results, take your time with this one, and do so early in the day. It’ll shine if you do.

Liked It: Box-worthy
Buy It Again: Yes
Recommend It: Yes

Tower of Burn
Here for your viewing pleasure is my trademark Tower of Burn.

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15 thoughts on “Perdomo Reserve Limited Cameroon Edition Petit Corona

  1. Great review. I’ve just purchased a box. Nick Perdomo is a saint. I regularly smoke the Perdomo Habano petit corona with the corojo wrapper. I’m on my fourth or fifth box and I don’t think I’ve had a problem with a single cigar. The quality, flavor and price make them tough to beat. I can’t wait to smoke the Cameroon. Thanks Brian, I may have overlooked these without this review.

  2. I had NO IDEA they reintroduced these! I hope I can score a box.

    The old Reserve Cameroon is one of the best sub-$10 Cameroon cigars on the planet, imvho. Also one of the fullest-bodied Cameroons around. I stil have a few left, this makes me want to dig one out. They’ve aged very well 🙂

  3. Brian – Nice review! I’ll have to track some of these down to try. I’m like you, love me some good Cameroon leaf. Sadly, I was turned off by my rep a few years ago and turned off by the local B&Ms that carry Perdomo here. Maybe I can acquire some through one of our sponsors or via Buckhead.

  4. Great review, Brian. It’s nice to see that at least some of the manufacturers have those of us who don’t prefer the jawbreakers in their sights.

    You should have a contest regarding pic number three – “What does this look like to you?”

  5. Brian, I don’t think “flying under the radar” is quite right, because these jewels are apparently full stealth. This is without doubt the finest Corona sitting in my Perdomo only humidor. My daily prayers start with “God, please don’t let anyone find out about Perdomo Cameroon’s……..”

  6. Everytime I pick up a cigar I haven’t tried yet I look up a review so I know what to look forward to. I pick these up 2 for 10 today and I’m impressed. They’re well aged and just what I need to pair with my meukow. I’ll have to go back to the place I got them and buy what’s left of them.

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