Video Diary: Cigar Expo 2011 – (Mike)

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Video Diary: Cigar Expo 2011 – (Mike)

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Well I don’t know how well you will like this but this is my diary thing like Walt did except I forgot to break mine up into Day 1 and Day 2 posts. Yea, noobs.

Just some of my thoughts put on the flipcam before, during and after CigarExpo (Cigarnivale) 2011.


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Cigar Expo 2011 Coverage Sponsored By Xikar

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I am just me.

6 thoughts on “Video Diary: Cigar Expo 2011 – (Mike)

  1. It’s Nostrildamus! 🙂 Just kidding! These add a nice personal touch to the coverage. Sort of like being there, but without having to pay or travel vast distances or wait in line. Nice job, guys!

  2. Thanks Mike and Walt for the coverage. Just makes Stogie Review an even bigger must-see in the cigar blogging world.

    …is that facial hair I see Mike?? 😉

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