W.Curtis Draper – The Next Chapter

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W.Curtis Draper – The Next Chapter

Earlier this year the DC Location of W.Curtis Draper pretty much became a non-smoking cigar shop due to complaints from tenants (a law firm) that was situated above the shop. W.Curtis Draper had been at its 14th Street location for almost 25 years. There have been a lot of changes for my home shop this year. The smoking issue at their DC location, they added a second location in Bethesda MD and now a short move around the corner to their new location on 15th Street across the street from the US Treasury, Old Ebbits Grill, Lafayette Park and the White House. Like with any move, the Draper guys have a lot of unpacking and rearranging to do but today was a special day. Today they opened their doors for a soft opening and the grand aroma of cigar smoke (the smell of freedom) once again filled W.Curtis Draper. I took a few minutes of video as I showed myself around their new shop…and what video would be complete without a “thats what she said moment” right?

Like I said, they have some unpacking to do but I’m looking forward to spending hours in their new location and rumor has it, that the Draper Empire will be expanding even more…Congrats and continued success to my extended family.


5 thoughts on “W.Curtis Draper – The Next Chapter

  1. Panning, panning, panning…

    Suddenly a wild JUAN appears!

    Do you choose to battle or flee?

    *cues Pokemon battle music*

    The store looks gorgeous. Totally loving the ‘unfinished move’ motif they’ve got going on with the decor. LOL!

  2. Thanks Jerry! Wait until we get everything unpacked and remember where we put everything. And next time take a moment to hit the 124 years of antiques in the entry way. It’ll be sweet.

  3. I can’t wait to check out the new digs next time in DC.

    And I agree with Jeff Mouttet — too bad, so sad for the old landlords!! They lost out on a great very long-term client, and their income! Good riddance!

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