Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 203

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Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 203

Back again with another episode of Your Questions, My Answers. In this episode we talk about the recent news of Jose Blanco joining Joya de Nicaragua and the impact it will have. From their we banter back and forth about smoking lounge etiquette and whether bringing your own cigars is acceptable or in bad taste. We spend a little time talking about butane and if it really matters how refined the fuel is. What humidity level should you have your humidor set at and how you can tell what level works best? We look back at some cigars that didn’t impress us at first but over time have come to love. We also do a little talking about things we do while smoking and how our review process works. Finally, we talk about how leasing factories work.

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Episode 203 runs a bit over an hour. Once you are done, be sure to watch 30 Minutes with The Chief as Skip Martin sheds more light on the whole leasing factories question.


10 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 203

  1. Poor Mike! lol Thanks for another fun and informative session. I do feel that manufacturers should provide some information regarding optimal humidiy levels for storange, though.

  2. Akkk! Can’t see this at work … will have to wait until I get home to watch this.

    Thanks for taking on my question (about the etiquette of herfing at B&M) – I can’t wait to check out your thoughts!

  3. Question for the next YQMA:

    If you could combine two wrappers (Habano, Maduro, Sun Grown, Connecticut, etc.) to make a hybrid wrapper, which two wrappers would? you combine, and what flavor elements would you want from them?

  4. Nice episode!

    Walt–why are you embarrassed to be reading Terry Goodkind? I love his stuff 🙂 Just about to start The Omen Machine, but I need to finish the Game of Thrones books first though 🙂

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