Alan Rubin Responds

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Alan Rubin Responds

This is what I love about cigars…the humor. A bit of advice if you are new to the site. When I rant about something, its all in good fun and meant as good laugh…and for pageviews LOL. Trust me, I don’t take myself that seriously. Regardless, I’m happy to see Alan Rubin take the time to respond to my Black Market review. There was no need for any kind of apology as this is all in good fun. Like I always say, the day that this thing isn’t fun or we start to take it too seriously, is the day we shut the servers down. Alan, thanks brother and I’ll see you at Little Puff.


7 thoughts on “Alan Rubin Responds

  1. Looks like your rant affected some sales for poor Alan. LOL Glad to see the AB family is finally starting to understand where the real marketing force is in the cigar industry. Great apology. Can’t wait to find some of those black markets!

  2. I am impressed with Alan Rubin’s response and his sense of humor. Not only do I love his cigars but now I can like him for being a class act.

    Keep on rolling great cigars!

  3. Jerry/Alan

    This is why the current “Cigar World” is so cool.

    Keep up the great work Jerry/Stogie Review !

    Alan this was a stand up thing do and a great way to reach so many of us out here in the cigar blog world.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the Black Market

  4. Another fantastic review Jerry. I have to admit, I have not liked any AB cigar I have smoked. However, I love the Cromagnon line, so now I will try this and give AB another shot. Thanx.

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