Alec Bradley Black Market

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Alec Bradley Black Market

Black Market

Introduced at this year’s IPCPR and recently started hitting the shelves of shops everywhere is the Alec Bradley Black Market. I heard a lot of talk about the Black Market on the show floor and since it was one of the few cigars I didn’t get to sample at the show, I was extremely excited to see them on the shelves of my shop, W.Curtis Draper. A very interesting looking cigar. A nice oily Nicaraguan wrapper (I’ve seen some places call it a Nicaragua Maduro) with a paper sleeve on the foot that is simple and rustic but still very eye catching to stand out on shelves. To complete the blend of the Black Market is a Sumatra binder and a Panamanian/Honduran filler. Available in five sizes (I tried the Robusto, Toro and Torpedo) at a comfortable price tag of around the $8 range.

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Video runs a little over 13 minutes and I gotta say, after being stood up at IPCPR I was really hoping that the cigar sucked. I really wanted to hate it but instead, I’ve fallen in love with the Alec Bradley Black Market. So much so that I think it can dethrone the Tempus as the best cigar in Alan Rubin’s arsenal of cigars. A dynamic, well balanced flavor profile with a creamy earthy core and a amazing zing/zang combination. By “zing” I mean that familiar Nicaraguan Zing or spice and by “zang” I mean a sour citrus component. I know some might think those two flavors don’t work, but they really balance each other out so its not too spicy or too sour. Using the creamy earthy core as a bridge, the zing and zang make for a unique, but to me, familiar flavor profile. It always amazes me how two cigars, using totally different kinds of tobacco, can taste so similar.


28 thoughts on “Alec Bradley Black Market

  1. Dethrone the Tempus? Now I know this cigar is definitely worth trying, thanks for reviewing it Jerry.

    When I first saw the title I thought you were going to tear this cigar a new one…lol.

  2. I smoked the robusto Saturday afternoon, think I interpreted your “sour citrus” as more of a “floral” taste, but like you, i loved it & can’t wait to get more..

  3. I’ve really been enjoying AB cigars. Tempus, Prensado, and the Family blend are all cigars I regularly smoke. So mow I’m really looking forward to the Black Market cigar despite the corny name!

  4. I was lucky enough to score one of these for free from the Alec Bradley facebook page. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it quite a bit. I will gladly purchase some to return the goodwill of getting one for free from the marketing team at AB.

  5. Damn you Jerry Cruz.

    I saw your review and was intrigued with this new line, so ident to the local shop and picked up a few. They were delicious and definitely picked up the citrus flavor. So, I went pack and was able to acquire a box of the rubostos.

    The wife checked the account on line for our credit card and saw the purchase. Now I am on the hook for a new Coach purse.

    However, this smoke is fantastic.

  6. Great review, Jerry! I’m going to have to try these.

    I LOVE the Cromagnon, but what really gets me about those is the palate power–I seldom smoke 3 cigars in a day, but when I do, the only cigar I’ve found that I can still fully enjoy with a heavily-toasted palate is the Cromagnon.

  7. I had my first Black Market last night. The reason I am on here now was to read the reviews to see if I just got a freakishly good cigar. Certainly good cigars are no stranger to the Alec Bradley stable. But this Black Market may take the cake. WOW what a great consistant cigar. Awesome flavor, long lasting and spicy at the end. I also believe that this one could upset the Tempus as well. Can’t wait for the next one.

  8. Started smoking this cigar early this morning. Normally I don’t look at reviews while smoking because I feel it may taint/trick my palate into agreeing with the review– but as I’ve never had this flavor profile, I came to help put my finger on it. It was the noted zest/citrus I was experiencing which is new, and simply delicious to me! I am absolutely intrigued by this line and 100% agree a corona size or even a lonsdale/lancero would be fantastic. Great review, great cigar.

  9. Hey Torp:

    I wanted to hate this cigar too given that Rubin stood you up, but, like you, this is a solid smoke for me! Have have you smoked the Undercrown yet? Looks good.


  10. The owner of a local cigar store steered me in the direction of the black market friday night. I had already made my selection for the night, but yesterday had a chance to smoke the Black Market and wow, it left me wanting to smoke another one that night. Very good smoke.

  11. Im still very new in the cigar world and have started with mostly cheap cigars for fun on weekends. My lady picked up one of these for me as a surprise and it is by far my faverite cigar ive had. Amazing taste and very smooth and enjoyable!

  12. Just getting around to trying the Black Market…excellent review Cruz. Spot on review. Loved it! Sad I only bought one…need to go buy more now. Thanks.

  13. Recently found the Black Market at a Harley Rally. I picked one up and then grabbed another just in case. When the vendor asked why 2 I said if its a good cigar i want to have another to make sure it was not just a fluke. At that point he handed me a third and said this one is on the house because when you finish that second one you will be pissed that you do not have any more because these are great……He was so right. Glad I got them and Glad I found my new favorite….

  14. Jerry, I too was ready to flip Alec Bradley, and Cigar Aficianado of that matter, the middle toro after buying a five pack of Prensados on C-Bid. IMHO that stick, ESPECIALLY in the much ballyhooed Churchill, is a total hype job. Flavor uncomplicated with consistent draw and burn issues. Gorgeous in the humidor, but totally underwhelming when lit. So after asking for a new stick to try to expand my horizons at Fader’s in Annapolis, Md. ( I have been A.J. Fernandez’s bitch for two years now) I was reluctant to pony up for the Black Market Torpedo when suggested. But I trust my guy there and took the plunge.
    I understand that everyone’s palate and preference is different, but I find it hard to believe that anyone can deny that this stick is the Cream of the AB crop. ABSOLUTELY ORGASMIC. All the notes you mention plus the taste throughout of cocoa powder on your lips. This cigar is like smoking the best cappuccino you have ever had. After five more, I am totally hooked and have a box on the way. They will be snuggled up next to my San Lotano Ovals and my MoW’s on the top shelf of my humidor and I will have to flip a coin every night to pick my after dinner mistress for the evening. Totally decadent and worth every penny. Cheers brother.

  15. Just finished one I got as a Xmas present sampler got to say as I sit here on Flagler Beach . Smoked it down to it was less than an inch. Great smoke. Right on with the writers review. Ben puffen stogies for over 25 yes. & while I have smoked some great and shit too this was a pleasant smoke.

  16. Picked up an AB Black Market randomly at a shop just looking to try something new. Afterwards, I told my wife it was the best cigar I ever had. Picked up a few more for a party and shared with my friends – still awesome – no fluke. Great smoke, my new favorite of all times. But what do I know… Just a guy hanging on the patio with some tequila or some Makers Mark.

  17. I got into the Alec Bradley line about two years ago.Love his samplers and the Black Market is in my top three AB’s.Great cigar to kick back with after a great steak or a big Italian dinner.

  18. Over the weekend I stopped by Sir Tom’s to pick out two cigars. One that I knew i would like(Monte Cristo Espada), and one that I thought I wouldnt like (AB Black Market). Buying like this often opens my eyes to a new stick. After smoking the Black Market, oh it was wonderful, the Espada was a letdown. Honestly I walked away a different man. Next time try getting a few cigars you know and love then grab one that you would never think about. Doing this has taught me to appreciate the good, and every now and then I stumble into a winner. Great job Alec Bradley for making one of my new favorites the Black Market.

  19. I finally tried one of these and concur with the original review and everyone that this is a great cigar. Definitely box worthy.

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