El Sublimado – First Impressions

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El Sublimado – First Impressions

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Wrapper : Ecuadorian grown Connecticut seed
Binder : Dominican
Filler : Dominican
Source : Sent sample from Texas Cigar Brothers

I have a cigar that was sent to me a little while ago called El Sublimado for today’s review. This cigar is infused with 50 year aged Noces d’OrHardy Cognac and the size on this one is a Robusto (4.75 x 50). This cigar is over 15 years old and is available in a limited quantity that is under 20,000 sticks.

This is not a reproduction but the original rolled cigars that I guess have been in storage since 1993 or so.

First off, these are not cheap, no where close. These robusto’s will run you $85 for a 5-pack, so $17 a piece. I think the main allure to these is the age of the cigar itself, kind of like the Partagas 150 or even 160.


Starting off with this El Sublimado and there is absolutely no scent on the wrapper but there is a sweet aroma coming from the foot and the cold draw. My sample also has a crack at the foot with the wrapper unwound about 3/4 of an inch up from the foot. I don’t think it will cause a problem but I will let you know.

Wrapper has a nice velvety feel to it and is a very nice nut color.

Band is nice, wife really loves the rooster on it, but the gold coloring does not do it any justice as it seems to blend in to the wrapper. It is only a band though and unless you burn it or eat it, it will have no bearing on the outcome. Well unless it is attached to the wrapper and rips it (grrr, pet peeve #1)

Carefully place the flame to the end of the cigar and light it up. Be careful not to light your hair or assorted items around the house on fire because it may effect the taste of the cigar.

First Third

Starting out this El Sublimado and it gives a very mild, nutty taste with a tinge of sweetness in the background.

There is a slight cognac taste going on but it is definitely not overpowering or up front at this point.

Already at the end of the first third and the ash has held on the whole time. Right after the next puff, it fell off.

Getting a bit of wood in the taste department now.

So far just a nice mild cigar with a mellow taste. At this point it is a cigar I really like and could smoke a lot.

Second Third

Heading into the second third of this El Sublimado and so far, so good. Still a mild cigar with a nice taste to it.

Cigar is burning rapidly but very nicely so far. No flavor has been over powering to this point and the cognac is settled nicely in the background as a subtle reminder that it is indeed an infused cigar.
Spice is picking up in this third an is melding the flavors together, mostly. Sometimes it seems the spice just wants to overpower everything else. I am hoping this doesn’t happen.

Here at the end of the second third the nutty taste seems to have come back along with the spice. Most of the cognac taste is more towards the background but pokes it’s head up for a visit every now and again.

Final Third

Slipping right into the last bit of this El Sublimado cigar and for a mild cigar it has a good amount of flavor. Flavors do seem a little muddied or dulled but it still has a nice taste.

Nothing new to report except the spice has really started hitting the tip of my tongue pretty good. Flavors still stayed around till the nub, which is always a good thing. It did get a little overpowering with the spice at the nub but still a mild cigar.


Would I buy it again? Maybe. I would have to catch them on a good sale because $17 a piece is pretty darn steep. If I would have unlimited funds, I would buy a bunch to smoke and have around for the nostalgia factor.

Mild cigar with a bunch of flavors that stayed with the stick till the end. Only bad thing is the price.

I am just me.

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  1. Hi Mike, ya, to many dollars, did sound like you enjoyed, so I would also, I think, if I had a chance. That will not happen.P.S., those smokes, two months ago, Good.

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