Black Pedro by Felipe Gregorio (First Impressions)

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Black Pedro by Felipe Gregorio (First Impressions)

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Earlier this week I received a surprise package from Felipe Gregorio containing three cigars. The cigars in the package were Black Pedro vitolas (Robusto, Torpedo, and Churchill).

A quick Google search didn’t net much in terms of information but I did find a short Youtube video from Felipe Gregorio. In that video I learned that this cigar is made up of an Ecuadorian Sumatra Maduro Wrapper and Nicaraguan Maduro Binder and Fillers.

Leading up to smoking these samples I have had limited experience with the Felipe Gregorio brand. I was very surprised with this cigar and found it to be a very enjoyable smoke. It has a nice balance of power and flavor. The flavor is made up of a combination of coffee, dark chocolate, some bitterness, and a licorice like flavor that hides in the background.

In terms of smokability, the burn line was relatively thin and even while producing a plentiful supply of dense smoke that is easy on the palate. The stick required no touch-ups and had a consistently smooth draw.

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7 thoughts on “Black Pedro by Felipe Gregorio (First Impressions)

  1. Nice review, Walt. It has been a while since your last review, hasn’t it? You didn’t appear too rusty.

    Did that stinky resting smoke persist? If so, it sounds like it may be better smoked outside.

    Like you, I tried to find some info online, and it appears that it hasn’t been released to retailers yet. The only place I could find them available is as a sampler pack at Felipe Gregorio’s storefront,

    1. jjo,
      I’m not sure if the resting smoke persisted or I just got used to the smell. It was pretty rough at the start and was hardly noticeable when I finished with it.

      Thanks for watching and commenting

  2. Great review as always Walt good to see you back in front with a cigar. Big Bang Rocks!!! hahah Never heard of this brand, sounds like it maybe something to look for if it ever shows up around here.

    1. Corey,
      I think if Felipe Gregorio winds up in any local shops in out area, it would probably be Sir Stogies down in Gilbertsville. Cigar Cigar in Reading seems slow to get a lot of stuff (they seem to be at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of stores within the chain).

      Thanks for watching and commenting

  3. Hi Walt, I have not seen you make as many ”face’s”,as you did starting this review.I thought for sure this was going to be a ”bummer”,but that old saying holds true even for cigars. You can not judge a book by it’s cover.

  4. Great review and the new edited features inlaying the cigar stills helps understand your prelight description. Keep the reviews coming…

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