Humo Jaguar

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Humo Jaguar


The story behind the Humo Jaguar is a simple one. The story goes that during the Honduran Cigar Festival this blend by Nestor Placenia was judged by 200 or so judges as the best blend of the Honduran Cigar Festival which I hear bears the same name as the cigar. Fast forward to IPCPR 2011 and the blend makes an appearance at the Miami Cigar booth. The Humo Jaguar is a Honduran puro with all of it’s elements (wrapper, binder and filler) originating in Honduras. Available in three size one of which, the 5 x 52 Robusto, I’m reviewing.

Video runs a little over 12 minutes and as my friend and former blogger, now turned marketing peep at Miami Cigar, Barry Stein would say, blew me away. Not an easy cigar to find and I ended up ordering from one of those “dirty” online retailers for $2 cheaper than I could find anywhere through local channels. We beat up online retailers and beat the drum about buying from your local B&M but hey…$2 cheaper! The Humo Jaguar shined with flawless construction and deep palate penetrating pepperiness that transformed into a rich sweet nutty flavor as I approached the halfway point. Beautiful bouquet of aromas that gave off a pleasant fruity/citrus notes that lingered even with me smoking outside. Double digit price tag thats well worth the price even if you don’t buy online.


11 thoughts on “Humo Jaguar

  1. Great review! I was gifted one of these in the Gigante vitola, and although I’m not a fan of the size, it was a really enjoyable smoke. I’ll have to try to track down one of the smaller ring gauges.

  2. I got one of these in my bag at the Chattanooga Tweet Up. I wasn’t sure what it was, so it made its way to the bottom of one of my humidors. When I started seeing reviews (& the price) I went looking for it. I really liked it. I wish I had a few more.

  3. Jerry, LOL… last night the low was 64 degrees and today it will be 78 degrees. Im loving the weather down here and the job. Thanks for the words, Ill see you at IPCPR bro! An instant classic 🙂

  4. Great Review

    Humo Jaguar been one of my favorites since I found them at a nestor miranda shop for $10 a pop. The draw and burn is always perfect, and flavors are never washed out by the drink it is paired with. Can’t ask anymore from a cigar.

  5. Enjoyed the review…is this your attempt to try and join Barry and getting a job with Miami Cigar Company or trying to weasel your way into another FREE blogger trip?

    What happened to the reviews where you would offer balance? At least offering one thing to improve on? Lately its all about how great a cigar is and i never hear any criticism anymore. Stop phoning it in!

  6. A good review Jerry, I was waiting from the Stogie Review guys to do The Humo Jaguar. The Famous-Smoke Cigar is sold the Humo Jaguar (60X6″) five pack for $22 and it is free shipping too. Would asked Pete when is he takes the S&S new membership…..

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