Nat Sherman Timeless – Churchill

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Nat Sherman Timeless – Churchill

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Well my friends I seemed to have forgotten to save the written part of my review for this Nat Sherman Timeless so you will be stuck with the video for this one.

I will tell you if I would buy it again. YES I would love to try more of all the sizes to pick the one I like the most but with the strength on some of them, I doubt I would smoke it all the time.

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Purchase this album – Jim Croce – Photographs and Memories – Greatest Hits

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6 thoughts on “Nat Sherman Timeless – Churchill

  1. Nice review, er, Mike? I’ve been missing the entertainment of the clock, but I guess the fish tank sorta makes up for it (in an odd, bladder stimulating kind of way). 😉 This sounds like a cigar worth checking out, so I hope it gets to my B&M before long.

  2. Nice review! Dude if you turn off the fish tank for an hour your fish will be fine….ooops got to put the cigar down….running to the bathroom….

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