Padilla Black Bear

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Padilla Black Bear


The Padilla Black Bear seems to be one of those Cigars International and exclusives based on the popular Padilla Series 1968 blend. While I can’t confirm its the same binder and filler as the Series 1968, the Padilla Black Bear does have the popular Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper in the ever popular 6×60 size. Typically not a size I enjoy but lately I’ve been coming across blends where the 6×60 format actually works. At $7 a single you definitely appear to be getting a bargain. Highly rated 1968 blend in a 6×60 format with a killer Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper. On the surface you have all the ingredients for a great cigar.

Video runs a little under 11 minutes and I found the Padilla Black Bear to be less than the sum of it’s parts. Like I said above, on the surface everything sounds great but the devil is in the details. There wasn’t anything that really brings the flavor profile together. Sure the slight pepperiness, sweet coffee and nutty flavors were delightful and until the end, nice and smooth. But I found myself tasting a spattering of flavors that didn’t really taste like it was a blend of flavors working together. Add to that the constant relighting and constant touch ups made for a less than enjoyable and definitely not a relaxing experience. Cigar smoking is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable and not meant to feel like a chore. Smoking the Padilla Black Bear felt more like a chore. I spent more time babysitting the cigar than I did actually enjoying it. $7 sounds like a great bargain but it really felt like I spent $14. $7 for the cigar and $7 on butane to keep it lit. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose…in this instance, the Padilla Black Bear was lost on me.


17 thoughts on “Padilla Black Bear

  1. I’m not a fan of the 6X60 size, although there are some that I have no problem putting up with. Unfortunately, this doesn’t sound like one of them. It seems that CI/ has a penchant for turning good cigars into a shadow of their former selves. I like the original ’68, as well as most of the Padillas but this one doesn’t seem enjoyable at all.

    Thanks for the great review, and for not “phoning it in”, lol!

  2. Dear Mr Cruz…It is with great regret that I fell compelled to lodge an official complaint against you. Unless I nodded off during your review, I did not hear one single ‘That’s what she said’?! Come on man…F**K me…Why do you think I watch these F**king things time after time? Seriously…If you start including F**king pictures of guns in your review write ups I am out of here…F**king Hell. Thank God for Hewitt’s ‘Tower of Burn’…

    Ah F**k, I can’t stay mad at you…I still love you.

  3. I refuse to smoke any CI/ exclusive anymore. I’ve never had one that I liked, even from great brands. I feel like they just buy the rights to slap a companies name on a blend and call it exclusive.

    They’re legen series stinks.
    Padillas are great smokes, but the CI exclusive padillas blow.
    Jesus, they even managed to fuck up the tempus (in the quadrum “exclusive” size).

    Good review though. I always enjoy watching yours.

  4. Outside the MoW Series I don’t bother with any CI exclusives. They are just junk. Agree whole heartedly with this review.

  5. I agree with everybody else’s assessment of CI and their cigars. I have gotten to the point where I flat out don’t trust them on anything. I have stopped buying from them and c-bid all together, there is something not right about any of the cigars I have received from them.

    1. Yea i got a 5 pack of San Cristobal robustos (one of my favorite smokes) off of c-bid a couple months ago cuz they were like 19 bucks, i’ve had 2 and they don’t even come close to any other San Cristobal i’ve ever had in the same size. I’m hoping by spring they’ll be ok. But it definitely made me suspicious. Could just be a bad batch though.

  6. Is this one of those cases where the manufacturer lets CI have the exclusive on a certain size, but cheapens the blend? I hate to think they do this. Padilla letting his product get cheapened is just bad business in my opinion. I’ve wondered about the Alec Bradely Tempus Quadrum CI “exclusive” as well. I’ve had many great ones from B&M’s, but every quadrum I’ve had has sucked pretty bad with burn problems, etc.Just didn’t seem like the same cigar.

    BTW, where are you paying 7.00 for the black bear? I see the all time at 49.99 for a bundle of 15. They’re on sale now with one of those shipping pamphlets for 39.99. Would they be worth the 2.66ea?

  7. Jerry, If you bought your cigars from The Cigar International in a 5 pack. You have brought The Padilla Black Bear second. They are not made to be put in the box. So, the cigars are canoe, bad burn and wrapper crackes. I’ve had a lot of there bad cigars.

  8. I love Padilla but this cigar goes from boring to a chore to get through. Just no flavor pizazz and it’s so damn big I lose interest. I think it would be better as a Robusto.

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