Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 2.06

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Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 2.06

This is an old school episode of Your Questions, My Answers. All the other members were too lazy to make it so Walt and I kicked back just like we did when we first started the YQMA Series some years ago. We’ve nicknamed this episode the “my face hurts” episode as Walt and I have a lot of good laughs…usually at other people’s expense. No worries we tackle cigar related questions as well. Without Brian Hewitt to eat up all the air time this episode is shorter than usual. In fact, we actually tried out best to stretch it out. We talk about Cigars International and some issues with Padilla cigars that came up in the comments section of my Padilla Black Bear review. If your name is John Huber (who make fun of in the beginning and in the end) or Jason Cesari we make fun of you because we care. Regardless of the content, it’s an entertaining episode that was a lot of fun to record and we hope it provides some entertainment.


14 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 2.06

  1. Thanks, Guys. From laughs to good info, all entertaining, I will be tuning in more often. Give that smoke and shoot event some real thought!

  2. Glad to hear about the Cain F improving with age. I relegated mine to the mistake humidor well over a year ago. I’ll give one a shot today.

  3. That definitely helped kill an hour of my work day today, thanks fellas.

    I’m also ashamed to admit i’ve been buying a bit more online. Not a ton, really just pepin blue labels. It’s one of my favorites that I always have to have, and it’s hard to spend 7-9 bucks a peice on them when i can get them for just over 3 online.

    It also annoys me that the guillermo leon was supposed to b&m only and after i bought a shit ton at 8 bucks a pop i see them pop up online for $3-4.

  4. Jerry & Walt, thank was good, I laughed my you now what off, and you even talked about cigars also, you can do that anytime in the future, would enjoy it. Thanks for your opinion about putting the Tubo’s in the Humi.

  5. Great episode guys..
    As far as question #2 regarding the ever reciprocating cigar bombs..I find that sending coupons pretty much ends the cycle.

  6. Good to see YQMA return to it’s roots, good times. I used to stalk every other week waiting for episodes to be published like a little fan boi.

    As for buying online… I have done plenty of it. I go through cycles of not doing it, but sometimes the wallet wins. I know people who basically order online only, and I don’t care. It’s your money and who are we to say how you spend it.
    I have heard rumors that the big online shops have different “Grades” of cigar quality than a B&M. Basically they can buy cheaper due to lesser quality cigars and large quantity. I can’t prove or disprove this rumor.

    Guns and cigars… two things in life I hope to never give up. Good times…

  7. This is one of my favorite episodes… informal, honest and damn funny. I like Brian, Mike and Charlie, but the two person format with you two guys was great. You need to do a YQMA together at an event. Good times… Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the giggle-fest. I have to admit that I have no more hesitation to buy online than I do going to the big box home improvement stores, Costco, or It’s a matter of economics and finances, but if my B&Ms (which I try to support within reason) can come close to what is available online, I’ll certainly buy locally.

    Tom’s note about different grades makes sense.

  9. Loved it! Smoking a Four kicks sitting in my garage, in January! In New England 45 outside.
    Love Global Warming! Peace!

    1. Fuckin right buddy! Global warming is the shit! I smoked a Casa Fernandez Aganorsa Leaf Torpedo today in Philly. It was 58º when i started, when i finished 2 hours later it dropped to a fridged 54º haha. IN JANUARY!!! Gotta love it!

  10. Great show guys I was crying I was laughing so hard. Glad to see you going old school with the two of you. and I agree Jasons wife is Hot.!!! Keep it real

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