23 Minutes with Pete Johnson

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23 Minutes with Pete Johnson


It’s pretty interesting to note that this celebrates five years of the 20 Minutes with Pete Johnson series of videos here on Stogie Review. So first I want to thank Pete for always being giving with his time. Secondly I want to thank W.Curtis Draper for giving me a home to record for the past five years. This series of videos has turned into a tradition that I hope continues for many more years to come.

In this interview Pete talks about the special release he does for W.Curtis Draper called the WCD 120 Redux. The WCD 120 Redux celebrates Draper’s 125th Anniversary and is based off a Cabaiguan cigar Pete did for W.Curtis Draper 120th Anniversary. Pete also talks about some of the projects we can look forward to in 2012. Most notably the addition of a Little Monster Series as well as an update on the next two releases of the Moster Series and the status of the next La Verité. Pete also takes some time to talk about the La Dueña, a cigar he blended for Janny Garcia, as well as many other things like his most underrated line, Saints and Sinners, Para Ti and FT114…

If the above video isn’t enough for you, stay tuned the rest of the week as I post footage from a two hour discussion between Pete Johnson and George Brightman (Cigar Aficinado fame). It’s a must watch especially for any of my fellow bloggers as they take time to discuss our role in the industry.


22 thoughts on “23 Minutes with Pete Johnson

  1. Great quality on the video, Jerry. I really dig his honesty regarding the marketing angle, as well as the use of the disposable lighter while standing in front of the Xikar display, lol. The new lines sound intriguing.

    1. LOL…if I was thinking of head and not in “run and gun” mode I would’ve hung the game worn Tatuaje Washington Capitals Jersey that was being raffled off. Would’ve been more appropriate than the Xikar display case.

  2. Always a fun interview!

    Can’t wait for the little monster series.

    Chucky – he is a little evil bitch. Wish you could make a cigar scream while you smoke it, that would freak everyone out while smoking. Puff in, SCREEEEEAAAMMMMMM LMAO

  3. Great interview as always Jerry. I would like to personally thank Pete for allowing Outland cigars in Ballentyne NC to carry his cigars. We are all very excited to have your products in our wonderful cigar shop and look forward to putting all your smokes on back order! Tatuaje are definately the very best cigars on the market so keep up the good work. 2012 definately sounds like a great year for all your fans. Again, thanks.

  4. That was good, looking forward to the next interview. That was funny, the lighter, with the Xikar display behind.

  5. Congrats on five years of being a fan boi! LOL

    Man, Pete looks more and more tired every year. Exciting stuff and can’t wait for the Little Monster Series and I definitely will be hitting up Corona for the new Boris. Thanks Jerry! Awesome stuff as always.

    Baileys? Really Pete? Really? LOL

  6. Pete!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jerry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two of my favorite people. I can’t wait for the Little Monster to come out! Will the series be expanded when new monsters (after mummy) are released? Or will a second edition be produced for monsters after mummy?

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