An Afternoon with Pete Johnson (Part Two)

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An Afternoon with Pete Johnson (Part Two)


This is Part Two of Four and has a lot of great content. The story of La Verite, the “romance” in the cigar business, a Tatuaje farm, who is to blame for current pricing, could the cigar industry self regulate itself, the golden age of cigars and an explanation on fermentation.

Same format as an An Evening with Benji Menendez and An Afternoon with Ernesto Perez Carrillo. This weekend Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars was in Washington DC and Bethesda MD celebrating the start of W.Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary year with the release of the Cabaiguan WCD 120 Redux. Towards the end of the afternoon, Pete and George Brightman (W.Curtis Draper-Bethesda) sat down and talked about Tatuaje Cigars and the cigar industry in general.

The discussion between Pete and George totals about two hours. To make the experience manageable and thus, enjoyable, I will be breaking the footage into four, thirty minute clips.


10 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Pete Johnson (Part Two)

  1. Burning a J21 and watching part 2. Looking forward to part 3. This is one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen. Thanks again.

  2. I enjoyed video. Its good to hear about the good and bad subjects about the cigar industry. I hate The FDA regulations; but also, I’m gladly to hear about the FDA regulation on the cigar industry……

  3. Jerry,
    Some of the best interviews I’ve seen regarding cigars here. Thanks for capturing it. Nice to see someone care about the average smoker having a chance to know what they are buying

    1. I agree…it was probably the most honest discussions I’ve seen between two industry people. I like Pete’s passion, I like George challenging Pete on some of his answers. Thanks for watching the first two parts. I hope parts 3 and 4 are as informative and entertaining.

  4. I like seeing someone finally asking Pete some tough questions…no offense Jerry your interviews are always informative but you are no George Brightman. LOL

    Love the education on fermentation too. I can now steer clear of that Reinado and its “unique fermentation” hype.

  5. is this a pete johnson interview or a george brightman commentary? its great that mr. brightman knows as much as he does. i’m sure he’s well respected in his industry and all that. but damn, can a guy get in some words here and there?

  6. I was at this event, and it was incredible hearing both of these pinging off each other, digging deep into the history of cigars and the current state of the industry!

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