An Afternoon with Pete Johnson (Part Three)

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An Afternoon with Pete Johnson (Part Three)

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This is Part Three focusing on questions from the audience. Is Pete still having fun? Times of crisis? Experience working with The Garcia Family. Second guessing blends, more info on Little Monsters, and blogger’s responsibility in the industry? Note to self, gotta invest in a third microphone for audience use.

Same format as an An Evening with Benji Menendez and An Afternoon with Ernesto Perez Carrillo. This weekend Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars was in Washington DC and Bethesda MD celebrating the start of W.Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary year with the release of the Cabaiguan WCD 120 Redux. Towards the end of the afternoon, Pete and George Brightman (W.Curtis Draper-Bethesda) sat down and talked about Tatuaje Cigars and the cigar industry in general.


3 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Pete Johnson (Part Three)

  1. Wow! Part three was even better than part two. Can’t wait for part 4! Will that post sometime today?

    Jerry – I agree and mic for the audience portion would be nice. You can hear the questions if you turn the volume all the way up. Also, what cigars of Pete’s don’t you like? I thought you were the President of the Tatuaje Fan Club and Charlie was the Vice President?

  2. Smoking a Noella and watching part 3. This interview has great questions and answers. I love how humble the conversation is and how there is a central theme of honesty and integrity. I feel it’s these characteristics along with a passion for tobacco and cigars are what have helped Pete become so successful and will keep me loyal customer for a long time.

  3. I was at this event, as well. Being able to ask these guys questions was great, but hearing them both really dig into the questions and then build into some real depth was awesome!

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