CI Legends – White Label

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CI Legends – White Label

Quick writeup this week as I almost forgot to post this.

I was very surprised by this CI Legends White Label by Camacho as it was a lot better than I honestly thought it would be.

Medium to full body with nice flavors of nuts, wood and spice.

I did have a bit of ammonia in one I smoked but none of the others.

Enjoy the review and give them a shot.

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7 thoughts on “CI Legends – White Label

  1. Thanks for the review Mike. I’ve had a few of these a couple years ago and was a bit disappointed. Seemed very bland with a lack of any flavors/taste. Believe I may have one or two stashed away somewhere. Will definitely dig them out and give them another try. I do like the Legends series as an option to get some popular branded cigars at a more wallet friendly price. The sampler is a nice option as well, letting you try a range.

  2. Hey, fill up that paper towel holder. It’s not quite the same without the big red chair is it?

    Nice short and sweet review. Sounds pretty decent for the price. I look forward to hearing what you think about the rest of the series.

  3. Dude… Your wall LOL…

    You must have a poster from all the cigar shows you go to, or a movie poster from the 80’s… 70s….

    Back to the future, Tron, Terminator, Madonna, Kiss, Rock of Ages…. .


    1. LMAO – it’s my basement…poured concrete with horse-hair plaster over it – yea, in a little town so nothing has been updated for eons.

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