16 Minutes with Terence Reilly (SAG Imports)

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16 Minutes with Terence Reilly (SAG Imports)

Smoking a Quesada Seleccion Espana

A rose by any other name is still a rose…whether you refer to them as SAG Imports, MATASA, Quesada or Casa Magna its hard to ignore their cigars. The Casa Magnus Domus Magnus was my 2011 Cigar of The Year and they make a yearly appearance in that life style magazine we all hate to love or is that love to hate? Ever since I smoked the Domus, I’ve been sampling all things made by MATASA. It is actually hard to believe that after six years of Stogie Review we haven’t spent much time on the cigars made by the Quesada family or even had any kind of interview. Luckily my “remarks” on my Domus Magnus review caught the attention of Terence Reilly. Terence is part of the 5th Generation of the Quesada family who, along with the other members of his generation, convinced patriarch Manuel Quesada to release such blends as the Quesada Oktoberfest and the Q d’etat lines. Terence was kind enough to sit down and talk all things Quesada while visiting The Humidour Cigar Shoppe in Cockeysville MD.

Quick shout out to Mike for making the trip to spend the day at The Humidour with me. Also props to my Executive Producer, @_LOD and my Director of Music, @HumidorMuse.


22 thoughts on “16 Minutes with Terence Reilly (SAG Imports)

  1. Great video interview! I enjoy a lot of Quesada and Casa Magna cigars but cannot get my hands on a Quesada Espana, I hope these will some day be readily available.

  2. Its sad to hear that the Casa Magnus Domus Magnus will be gone after this year. I love both ring gauges of the cigar. Thank Jerry, Its great infor……..

  3. Great interview. This guy’s a great candid spokesman. There’s something intangible about their brand that always catches the eye…and then backs it up with the quality of the stick.

  4. Nice interview Jerry! I hear on twitter it’s the manufacturers who want bloggers out of IPCPR. Would’ve been interesting if you would’ve asked Terence for his opinion. Its begs the question, what manufacturers?

    Anyway, very nice interview. That stuff at the beginning was hilarious! Really shows how approachable those in the industry are and how comfortable you make people feel when talking to you.

    Gotta check out more stuff from Quesada. Thanks Terence!

  5. Terence is the man! The match.com promo at the beginning was spectacular.

    Its great to see the young generation work together on projects and for the older generation to allow them to do so. The Tributo sounds like a great cigar to smoke. Thanks Jerry and Terence!

  6. You didn’t ask him about the Espana pictured above? What is that all about?

    Oktoberfest is a great cigar! Love it!

    Its very cool to finally put a face (personality) to the Quesada name for the younger blogger generation. Very nice debut on SR. Now that I know they are SR friendly, I’m definitely going to take follow Jerry’s lead and explore more!

  7. Jerry very well done interview, I swear you know how to bring out the personable side of people!

    Terence welcome to Stogie Review! Glad you took the time to talk a bit about the history of Quesada and the whole Latin thing.

    The beginning was great but the best part was the back and forth “thats what she said” moment. Classic!

  8. That was a fun interview, nice job Jerry. Terence was a very easy person to talk to, at least from my end,had a great time watching.

  9. Entertaining and informative review! Can’t wait to try the Howitzer!

    Terence – I hope this is first of many appearances on SR!

  10. Nice professional image there. I thought most of the new breed cigar people were all covered in Tattoos and more concerned with how ‘cool’ they look or pushing t-shirts/hats before a cigar is even made. Its refreshing to see the younger generation forgo the whole ‘persona’ thing and still connect with today’s cigar smoker.

    Delightful interview that makes me want to run out and support Quesada. Terence you did a great job representing your family and your cigars. Thank you.

  11. Very cool interview! Enjoyed Terence’s debut very much although I’m not sure about piña colada thing LOL and Jerry stop being a dick and visit their booth this year! LOL.

    Seriously, cool stuff. Professional and light hearted.

    Jerry can the Tributo be an acceptable substitute cigar if we can’t find a Serie JJ for Smoke a JJ for JJ Day this year?

  12. Great information Terence and Jerry. Glad to hear that the Oktoberfest will be back again in the Fall. Looking forward to the new sizes of the Casa Magnus Domus Magnus. Thanks.

  13. Thanks to all for all the kind words. I think this was the most enjoyable interview I’ve ever done

  14. Wonderful interview….Love Quesada’s newer releases, they are really nailing the medium strength/Full Flavor profile that I prefer…And they even make some smaller RGs in most of their lines for people who like them 😉

  15. Great interview guys.

    Have to say that you guys have really stepped up the content in the past few months and these kind of interviews really set you apart from the others just doing reviews.
    Keep up the good work

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