CI Legends – Blue Label

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CI Legends – Blue Label

Welcome my friends to the next in the CI Legends series, this time the Blue Label made by Matasa.

Just like all the others this one is available only from Cigars International and only in one size, 5.75 x 54.

Sniffing the wrapper gives a sweet tobacco scent while the foot and cold draw just give a tobacco scent.

Starting off with this CI Legends Blue Label and there is a nice creamy wood flavor filling my palette.

After a little ways the creaminess starts going away and a little spice comes into play while the wood taste is dominant and sometimes reminds me of cardboard.

Around the halfway point an acidic taste has been creeping in and a dull musty taste surfaces. Wood flavor is still there but the dull musty taste in the back of the throat and on the back on the tongue really takes away from it.

As we continue down the cigar the dull musty taste subsides and the wood taste resurfaces to the forefront.

Here at the end the cigar is mainly woody.

This CI Legends Blue Label never really got out of the mild range.

I have to admit, I did not enjoy this one very much. It had a nice wood taste but that dull musty taste really hurt it for me. I still have one left that I want to revisit after reviewing them all so I will update this post if needed at that time.

Would I buy it again? Maybe a few to hang onto for a while but they would really have to change over time to make me want to buy a box.

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5 thoughts on “CI Legends – Blue Label

  1. Is it the lighting, or did you repaint your wall?

    This one doesn’t sound very enticing, but as always, thanks for the review!

  2. I tried the Blue Label and I agree with you, it is no good. I’ve tried five of the ten label(s) and this one is the only one that I will never try again.

  3. I would keep those rabbits away from your humidor, but maybe they will dispose of your Legends for you…

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