Nub Connecticut 358

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Nub Connecticut 358

Nub Connecticut 358 and Coffee - 1

I think I just heard the collective sigh of every single Stogie Review reader around the globe. I know, we’ve covered Nub Cigars to death over the years and we are at the point now where it feels like beating a dead horse. With that said, there is a method to my madness. This isn’t just a review, but a serious inquiry as well.

You see, earlier this week I found myself in a position where I was tight on time. My daughter just went down for an afternoon nap and I wanted to sneak in a cigar while she snoozed. Knowing that I only had about an hour and a half before she would be up, I began rummaging through my coolidor looking for something fairly short.

I discovered an old box of Nub Connecticut 358 that I’ve had around since my father and I built the first set of Rolling Tables for Sam Leccia. Being relatively small, I cracked open the box of Nubs and enjoyed my short afternoon break.

Two days later I found myself in the same situation and once again turned to the box of Nub Connecticut 358. Out of curiosity, I posted a photo of my cigar on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ asking my friends and followers what they thought of the Nub line. I wanted to know if the masses felt as though this cigar would stand the test of time or if it fizzled out and has been replaced in humidors across the county.

I was rather surprised by the responses that I received. Answers ranged from “Boring” to “Lower the Coffin” and everything in between that a brand wouldn’t want to hear. I found it fascinating that the once all the rage Nub was becoming an afterthought among the social networking community.

With the Nub Lines position on the Cigar Social Scale aside, I found the cigar to be very enjoyable. At one point in time it was my absolute favorite Connecticut wrapped cigar. Over time it was replaced by the Oliva Connecticut Reserve, which was then replaced by the EP Carrillo New Wave.

Even after a handful of years in the cooler, the Nub Connecticut 358 delivered plenty of bold flavor with just enough body to back it up. The finish was creamy and easy on the palate. Smoke was dense and did a great job of coating the palate. As far as the construction and burn are concerned, I didn’t have a single complaint.

As I sat enjoying my cigar, I wondered why the Nub line in general was falling out of favor. It was when I began price shopping that I discovered the problem. I can recall buying singles during the initial release less than $5.00. When I saw the ‘Are you out of your F’ing mind’ price of $6.35 per single at Famous Smoke Shop I knew that I wouldn’t be shelling out that kind of money for this cigar. As good as it was, I’ll take an EP Carrillo New Wave Robusto, enjoy it more, and pocket the change, any day of the week.

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Does the Nub Line have staying power or has it
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30 thoughts on “Nub Connecticut 358

  1. Every time I go to the local brick and mortar the nub boxes are full. Looks like it’s the same old stock. I haven’t had one since they came out. You’re right on about the prices, no way would I pay that much for those.

    1. Talking about seeing boxes sit on shelves untouched brings back painful memories of my local cigar shop in its last few months. The interesting thing there, thought, was that Nubs seemed to move more in the colder months.

      There was one regular that used to tell everyone that would listen “These Nubs are great winter cigars. I cans smoke one in the garage in 20 minutes and get back inside before I get too cold”.

      Nice guy but he used to smoke crazy fast.

  2. I have to pretty much echo what you said, Walt. By that I mean I have been choosing the New Wave over a Nub connecticut.

    I smoked a couple nubs when they first came out, but they’ve just gotten a little too high in price (at least for my tolerance). Even when I’ve seen them in Cigars Intl lately, I kinda walk right past them.

    1. Adam,
      When buying in quantity, by the 5-Pack or Box, the price from the big online retailers isn’t bad, especially when you’re talking samplers. My problem is that I rarely order from the big online guys anymore.

      It has been a while since I’ve been up to the Cigars International Superstore, but the single stick pricing was pretty much on par with your typical cigar shop, right? They had killer deals on pre-packaged stuff but I don’t remember their single stick pricing being anything special.

  3. Walt,

    Enjoyed the revisiting of an older cigar. The interesting fact in this review being about the prices. No complaints about the cigar but it is pricing itself out of the market. This may be another semi-regular addition to your reviews.

    More reviews please Walt!

    1. Brett,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the review. I try to review an older cigar from time to time but I try not to do it too often. For some reason, it just doesn’t feel right.

      Getting two reviews in last week was a lot of fun. Sticking to a review schedule has been tough as of late but I’m starting to find my rhythm. With any luck, I’ll be back to reviewing on a regular basis.

  4. It’s a good cigar, but at that price point there are other connecticuts that I would reach for instead. Like you said if the nubs are sitting next to some ep carillo nw or even say a perdomo champagne I’ll grab either one of those instead.

    1. I forgot all about the Perdomo Champagne. That is an excellent cigar for the money, and as you mentioned, also has a Connecticut wrapper.

  5. Great video Walt, big fan of stogiereview.
    The price of nubs has been a problem for me. I love the cameroon nub but the price is crazy. I used to buy boxes of them and now I moved to the New wave or 5 Vegas Gold, my go to sticks for a morning smoke.


    1. Kevin,
      I hate to beat up on the Nub line specifically. It seems that Oliva brands, across the board, see an annual increase. While it may not be a huge increase every year, after a couple of years those small increase add up.

  6. Have never been a fan of the larger ring sizes so I do not buy Nubs.
    But my wife whom isn’t a cigar smoker does love the Nub Conneticut on occasions I get her to enjoy a cigar with me.
    Yet whenever we are in a cigar shop it seems they carry all the other lines but the CT.
    Assume the Conneticut does not sell well in B&M’s?

    1. I’m not a fan of the 6×60 craze but the Nubs worked for me. I think it was because they were short and didn’t feel nearly as difficult to handle.

      Regarding CT selling in stores, it all depends on the clientele. I’ve seen shops that went through anything Maduro like crazy and hardly move any Connecticut. In other areas, I’ve seen the complete opposite.

  7. Nice review Walt…I tend to agree with most that while a good smoke, the cost factor has pretty much priced it off of my radar.

    1. I hate to say it but I think the cost factor of Oliva in general has pushed a variety of their product off of my radar. Perhaps I just have a hard time getting over spending so much on a cigar one year and seeing a price tag with a $150 – $2.00 increase a few years later.

  8. Never really got into Nub brand but I do like the Diesel Shorty and a few weeks ago I tried the Nub Dub and really enjoyed it and bought a box

  9. When Sam first released the nub it was viewed as a change from the norm. He advertised in new ways and in person was a breathe of something fresh in the cigar world. Since he parted ways I have had a couple of nub and cains and I think something has been lost. I never even tried the limited edition with Padilla and when I’m at my local shop they are over stocked with them. More than anything their attitude they now have towards customers and local shops has stopped me from buying them any longer. Losing Sam has destroyed what could have been a long standing cigar but it’s time is now nearing.

  10. Hey Walt, thanks for the review. I have smoked through a couple of Nub sampler packs and have a Nub Connecticut idling in the Coolidor. I am not a big fan of Connecticut wrapper but do like them for a morning smoke smoke with a latte. I never really dug the whole Nub concept of launching you into the sweet spot of the cigar. Kind of a passing fad IMHO. Give me a New Wave every time.

    I like these retrospective reviews or humidor diving, keep them up!

  11. When I first smoked the nub line, thought they were decent enough. But I never could get over that redonkulous ring gauge. These days, I also overlook every 6×60 everytime I see them. As for short smokes, some of you may have heard of them. They are called petit corona.

    1. Eric,
      I was under a time crunch and didn’t recall where, if I had any to begin with, I might be able to find a petite corona in my cooler. I picked the best of my available options, with was a 3.70 x 58 Connecticut.

  12. Ive only ever smoked one nub cigar….i believe it was the madruo (i know you didnt particularly like the maduro Walt) and i didnt like it at all for that matter. It started off pretty decently then just took an awful turn where the flavor was very acidic and “chemically”. I usually give a brand another try but I had such a bad experience the first time I have yet to return. To be honest when I go to my local B&M I dont even consider the Nub line (the same way I dont even consider the Acid brand…no offense). In my opinion, Nub isnt even a competitive player in the cigar game and is soon to be on its way out…and i think the consumers it seems feel the same way

  13. In my opinion Illusione is probably a good example of a brand that represents what cigar shapes will trend towards. A few ring gauges 52 and above, but for the most part a return to classic sizes with the focus on blending, quality tobacco and construction. I also think that the corona will increase in popularity as people realize that this format, along with the lancero, is the way to go when you want to taste the wrapper. I also think there will still be plenty of options for the 6×60 crowd. And probably the 3.7×60 crowd too.

    As far as a cheaper Nub substitute, I bought several 5-packs of the Nestor Miranda Special Selection “Gordito” with the Rosado wrapper (don’t care for the maduro wrapper at all). I don’t find the construction to be as good as the Nub; however, I am willing to put up with a few finicky burns as I smoke relatively few of them and the price, when purchase in 5-packs online, is quite attractive.

  14. Very good review, I agree with you that the consistency of pricing and more affordable quality cigars released by other brands can affect the success of any cigar. I remember smoking a Nub Habano out in the middle of a winter season while grilling and it was one of the most enjoyable smokes I’ve had during cold weather.

  15. W,
    Because of your article, I finally smoked that Nub Connecticut I’ve had in my humidor for almost 18 mos. I still wasn’t crazy about it. I will say, that I do dig the Cameroon Nub the most out of all their flavors. Where Nub really did me a solid is Cain Nub. Cain Habanos are a staple in my humidor and when they got “Nubbed” I was in heaven. In addition to having little ones running around the house, I never have a lot of time just to sit down and enjoy a smoke. Nub’s the ticket, but just not in the Connecticut flavor.

  16. No the Nub line does not have staying power for me, and as far as CT goes I am really loving the San Cristobal Elegencias right now and the EP Carillo’s.

  17. My daughter and SIL gave me a couple of nub Connecticut stubby torpedo-shape with a large ring size. I don’t know if they were stored improperly or not but I am not impressed. The one I am smoking right now seems harsh and a bit hot. For what I am guessing they paid for them I would much rather have an H.Upman.

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