VegaFina Sumum Edicion Especial 2010

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VegaFina Sumum Edicion Especial 2010

Last week when I said that the upcoming Montecristo Epic 2007 marked the beginning of a push by Altadis into the boutique cigar market, I may have gotten that wrong. That push probably started with the cigar I’m reviewing this week, the new (or new-ish) limited edition VegaFina Sumum Edicion Especial 2010.

A name and a logo are just about all this cigar shares with the mild VegaFinas that have been around for years. The Sumum features a stronger, fuller blend with a completely different flavor profile. And it’s single available size (5 x 54) has a considerably larger ring gauge than it’s namesake. You add it up, the thicker vitola, the darker Ecuadoran Cubano wrapper, and the medium plus body, and you have a cigar that may just grab the attention of today’s boutique smoker. But question is, will it keep that attention once they try it? I have no doubt the Sumum will, as the name implies, take the title of the greatest VegaFina, but will that translate into grabbing significant space boutique lovers’ humidors? Let’s find out.

Cigar Stats:
Size: 5 x 54
Wrapper: Ecuadoran Cubano
Binder: Santa Domingo
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru
Smoking Time: 1 1/2 hours
Beverage: Water
Source: Purchased by reviewer*
Price: MSRP $6.75
* The sticks I smoked for this review were purchased, but Altadis also sent me samples.

The Pre-Smoke
The VegaFina Sumum certainly has a promising appearance. Under dual silver bands lies a dark, oily chocolate brown wrapper, often with fine tooth, mostly finer veins and topped with a large triple cap. There were no flaws on my review sticks, they were firm, consistent, and seemed a little heavy for the size. The wrapper had a compost and chocolate aroma with a touch of molasses sweetness, and there was even more molasses in the cold draw, which at times seemed a little snug.

The Burn
I had to be cautious during the first half inch of the Sumum. No matter how well it was lit to start, if I didn’t keep a close eye on it, it would burn crookedly or go out. After that sometimes shaky start, the Sumum burned well and evenly, produced attractive long ashes. And though cold test foreshadowed possible draw issues, I wouldn’t describe it tight. In all, it burned well.

The Flavor
The Sumum began with a rich earth and molasses sweetness, a combination that held court for the entire initial third, with chocolate in a supporting role. The almost gritty mouth feel during this portion of the cigar reminded me a little of a T52. Along the way I picked up occasional smoky notes of coffee.

Gone was the heavy, gritty mouth feel, as the earth scaled back considerably in the second third. The rich molasses gave way to lighter, coffee, syrup and nougat flavors. The body seemed to lighten for a while, but began to build again a little way in.

The earthy grittiness made a bit of a comeback as the Sumum entered the final third, but it was overshadowed by a new toasty-woody flavor combination. The sweetness also vanished after a few sharp tart notes, and there was a slight musty quality to the remainder.

The Price
The price is right. No complaints here.

The Verdict
As I said at the beginning, there’s no doubt this is best VegaFina your money can buy right now. (I missed the VegaFina Jose Seijas 2011 edition, so I can’t speak to that.) But that’s hardly a fair fight. Speaking more generally, the VegaFina is a solid medium-bodied cigar, with an enjoyable flavor profile at a very comfortable price. I don’t see it making any top ten lists or becoming a go-to smoke, but I’ve smoked through half a dozen of them, and will probably continue to pick up a stick from time to time until they run out. And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you like what you hear and haven’t tried one yet, you should still be able to find them without too much difficulty.

Liked It: Yes
Buy It Again: Yes
Recommend It: Yes

The Contest
Not long after I bought a handful of Sumums for this review, Altadis surprised me with a three-pack box in the mail. I could smoke them, I thought, but they’d also be perfect for a giveaway. To win the three pack, all you have to do is leave a comment below. In a week or so, I’ll pick a winner. Make sure you use a valid email address so I can contact you.

Tower of Burn
Here for your viewing pleasure is my trademark Tower of Burn.

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43 thoughts on “VegaFina Sumum Edicion Especial 2010

  1. This is one brand I have not had the pleasure of trying yet. Your review definately leans me in the direction of having this particular stoogie as my first experience. You hit all the right flavor notes of the type I typically enjoy. Excellent review.

  2. Thanks Brian, I saw the VegaFina Sumum Edicion Especial 2010 at my B&M this week but I did not knowningly what its taste like, Now, I will buy it when I return to the B&M.

  3. Got to love the Tower of Burn!! Sounds like the Big Boys are trying to get into the boutique which is good I think it will keep everybody on their toes. Hope it works out. Now give me the Damn Sticks!!! LOL

  4. As always, great review Brian. Never heard of the brand, but glad Altadis is trying to go small. Hard to succeed without a good story, like who the blender is etc. Will be watching for them…

  5. A little shaky start on the burn is no big deal especially when you have a cigar with nice flavors like this and then burns well for the rest of the smoke. Nice review and thanks for the contest.

  6. It’s been on my short list to try, and now I definitely know I’ll have one soon. Keep up the good work Brian.

  7. have not had one of these becouse where I live you have to order everything I smoke . I would like to try but can not find in a cataloge. great review. thanks

  8. Another nice review Brian. I think i saw these online at JR, but passed when i saw Altadis. Will give them a shot next time a decent deal comes around.

  9. I’ve never seen these before- surprising that I could miss something that altadis puts out (even though they do put out a lot of cigars)

  10. Got one of these at the Great Smoke. Haven’t smoked it yet but this review says I probably should… 3 more would be nice.

  11. I tried a few of these at a tasting a couple mo the back and I’d say you’re right on the money- not poor but not great, good for time to time.

  12. Twitter led me here; (re-reading) this review will lead me to tracking down some of these sticks (if I don’t win any, that is!) Nice work all round.

  13. Hey if this contest is still going on sign me up! I always love to try new cigars an the review sounds like this would be a fantastic win

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