CI Legends – Purple Label

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CI Legends – Purple Label

Welcome to the next installment in the CI Legends series with the CI Legends Purple Label by Graycliff

This might be the shortest write up in history as this cigar did not have much complexity to it at all.

Starting off there was a sweet barnyard on the wrapper, sweet tobacco on the foot (although this one I did smell chocolate, it was the only one out of the five I smoked for the review) and tobacco on the cold draw.

Lit it with ease as I rambled on about getting informed before tickets sell out and people can’t take vacation to attend events as press.

Right off the bat there is a nice amount of mild smoke that gives a leather taste and a bit of sweetness underneath.

This is where the review gets super short.

Smoking around the halfway point and the cigar builds to a medium bod with some spice. Really the only thing that happens from here is the spice takes over and boots everything to the background.

Not very much happened with this cigar. I was a bit unimpressed.

Would I buy it again? Only in a sampler pack. Even then I would probably let them sit for a long time before trying them again.

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I am just me.

4 thoughts on “CI Legends – Purple Label

  1. I’ve tried this one. It’s a meh kind of cigar. Second least favorite after the Blue Label. Thanks for the review Mike

  2. I have smoked quite a few of these and enjoyed everyone. I guess we all aren’t looking for complexity in a cigar, but just a pleasant smoke. Keep em coming.

  3. So Mike will you be at cigarfest?
    I picked up a VIP pass and thinking about going thursday night for the drew estate pre event.

  4. This is probably the worst cigar I’ve ever smoked. The thing had a draw problem, so I cut off about and extra 3/4th inch from the head. I looked at it and noticed little blue pieces. I pulled them out with a pair of tweezers (I had a swiss army knife next to me) and pulled out 3 long blue strands from a frayed nylon rope. I’m really glad I never smoke that stuff. Plastic aside, the thing tasted bad to begin with. These things SUCK!!!

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