Stogie Review Update

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Stogie Review Update

Over the past couple of weeks Stogie Review has had a buzz of activity, behind the scenes. I wanted to take a few minutes, while I smoked my “A” Cigar from the CAO Last Stick Standing Promotion, to talk a bit about what is going on here at Stogie Review.

  • reliability issues
  • Stogie Review Fan Forums has closed
  • We will not be covering CigarFest 2012
  • We may be covering Smoke on the Water in Baltimore
  • California Citizens Against Proposition 29
  • Upcoming contests and reviews of Prometheus product
  • Where the hell has Walt been?

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14 thoughts on “Stogie Review Update

      1. as long as they get back to us soon enough 😉 I ranted in tomorrows video review about this subject…just a little lol

  1. Thanks for the update. It obviously takes a lot to keep up a site like this, and you guys have gone above and beyond in doing so.

    As far as your own situation, Walt, family matters always come first. Take care of those, and everything else will fall into place accordingly.

  2. Thanks Mike for the info, I wonder sometimes how you guy’s do find the time to ”do” your thing, but I’m glad you do, have and will enjoy all of you doing what you do, thanks!

  3. Big shout out to the SRFF fellas! It was a great place to celebrate stogies and talk shit! haha! Where’s the new hang out! 🙂 Big thanks to Mike for being our baby sitter and not harshing on us! Viva Stogie Review!

    1. Yep, Blackbeard, it was fun while it lasted. I met some great guys on the forum. I wish everyone the best.

  4. Thanks for the Heads up Walt big time bummer about the SRFF not being up or making a come back anytime soon. That place was my home and really started me off on Cigars. Good luck to the SR guys and the site I’m sure I will be checking back often to see progress. @BlackBeard I have been spending time over at for a forum if you want to check it out other wise let me know via Twitter @czerbe

  5. Hey Walt thanks the update. I just want to say what an important part of the cigar community you are. I know first hand how expensive it is to maintain a first class website and wonder how you manage it with limited sponsorship. Have you considered asking for support from your loyal fans?

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