CI Legends – Copper Label

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CI Legends – Copper Label

This weeks cigar is the CI Legends Copper Label by Drew Estates.

Giving the wrapper a whiff I get a scent of a coffee with a lot of creamer in it. Foot gives off sweet tobacco and the cold draw has a nice vanilla taste to it.

It does have a sweetened cap, just so you do not get surprised if you try it.


First couple puffs give a nutty taste along with the vanilla taste from the cap. Most of the flavor is after you take a puff and lick your lips.

Flavor stays pretty consistent until around the halfway point when some pepper comes into play. Really seems to enhance the other flavors at this point.

After a bit more the cigar begins to give a sharpness on the palette. I am thinking this is from the ramp up of the pepper.

Flavor has lessened a bit and turned more towards the pepper and nutty taste. I think some of the nutty taste is from the flavoring but it has died down a good bit.

At the end of the cigar the flavor almost vanishes other than a bit of nuttiness. Even the pepper that came on pretty strong for a while seems to have almost disappeared.

This cigar really had a lot of smoke with it and burnt very well.

Would I buy it again? On the fence. I am not a fan of flavored cigars except the Gurkha Grand Reserve with cognac and the Maker’s Mark, so I do not see myself buying a bunch of these to keep on hand. I also would have to keep them separate due to the flavoring.

Let me know in the comments what you think of flavored/infused cigars. Hate em, love em, like some…inquiring minds want to know.

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8 thoughts on “CI Legends – Copper Label

  1. I am not big on the flavored/infused deals. Just something about them gives me such a bad headache.

  2. I used to like infused cigars a while ago and I found the copper label to be decent at the time. The only infused cigar I will smoke now is the tabak especial red eye.

  3. Not a fan of the flavored one expect the DE Pimp Sticks. Something about those give it exclusive rights for flavored cigars if I so desire to change it up a bit.

    PS LOVE the woodland critter presenting your stick. If only I could train the neighborhood squirrels to do the same….

  4. The only infused cigar I’ve tried so far is the Tabak Especial, which was okay as a dessert or morning coffee go-with. This one sounds subtle (and inexpensive) enough to give it a try, but I have no interest in the botanical/herbal ones. Thanks for the review, my friend.

  5. I’ve had several infused sticks since I started smoking cigars 5 years ago. I used to smoke Cojimars then tried Acids but found them to be a tad too sweet. The one infused cigar that is a nice change of pace in my rotation is the Java by J Drew and Rocky Patel. I have had the CI Legends Copper Label and did enjoy it i really only tasted the sweet cap but as it wore down into the 2nd/3rd it was a good mild cigar. And as usual great review Mike!

  6. Only tried a few infused stogies. Java and Makers Mark… Did not like at all. However just recently someone at a herf gave me a cigar from a local shop that was Congnac infused. The infusion was subtle and the cigar itself was well constructed. I really enjoyed it.

  7. The Cognac infused cigars I enjoy. In general, I find infused cigars to be too sweet. I can enjoy a sugared cap with natural tobacco to follow as they aren’t over the top sweet.

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