An Afternoon with Litto Gomez (Part Two of Two)

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An Afternoon with Litto Gomez (Part Two of Two)


So I lied in Part One…I thought this was going to be a three part series but it turns out to be only two. Part Two is jammed pack with Litto telling great stories including how he tweets from his horse while on his farm in the Dominican, the impact of social media, family member roles, mentors in the industry. and the difficulties with getting his cigars in other countries. Also included in this part is what most of you have been waiting for, what does Litto have planned for La Flor Dominicana going forward. Cigars like Limitado V using a dark ligero Sumatra wrapper and will contain Pelo de Oro. Also on the agenda for 2012 is a Chisel Tubo pack that will be figurado shaped and come in both a natural and maduro wrappers. I’m not sure on the details of that since Litto only mentions a natural and maduro wrapper but later says it will be a three pack. Litto talks a little bit about the tobacco he has set aside for a La Flor Dominicana 20th Anniversary. And for you La Flor Dominicana Cheroot aka ‘ice pick’ fans…new blends in that size are definitely in the works, hopefully for 2012.

Part two runs around 42 minutes…

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3 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Litto Gomez (Part Two of Two)

  1. Hey Jerry/Stogie Review,

    I really enjoyed the videos, along with all the videos in the manufacture Q & A series, please keep them coming, as where I live, an opportunity to see this in person in not possible.


    Jerry/Stogie Review

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