An Afternoon with Bill Paley (Part One)

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An Afternoon with Bill Paley (Part One)


This is the first of two parts of An Afternoon with Bill Paley of La Palina Cigars filmed on April 21st with George Brightman at W.Curtis Draper (Bethesda). This follows the usual Q&A format on our ongoing series of interviews with many of the legends in the cigar industry. Bill and George discuss the past, present and most importantly, what the future holds for La Palina Cigars including more information on the recently announced ‘Goldie’, the first release of the La Palina Collection.

Part One runs a little over 30 minutes…

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7 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Bill Paley (Part One)

  1. In my humble opinion these videos are the best thing about stogie review. I genuinely look forward to the next and hope there will be many more. Well done Jerry and I think George is very good at getting the best out of the cigar makers.

    Very well done.

  2. great interview these inerviews and great reviews is what makes stogie review the best. great backstory on la palina. Being in the cigar industry for a while this is one of the best stories of the start of a company one that i would love to work for keep it up guys this stuff is great

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