Jerry to the Rescue

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Jerry to the Rescue

Who am I to argue with a great title like ‘Jerry to the Rescue‘? Recently I started catching up on episodes from our longtime friends Bob and Dale from DogWatch Cigar Radio. It has been awhile since a member of Stogie Review had made an appearance on their long running show. Friday night I decided to pop in on their live broadcast. It was great to do a little catching up with Bob and Dale before the show started. I was hanging out with their loyal audience in the chat room and Bob asked me if I’d join in on their ‘What Else I’ve Been Smoking‘ segment. The attention whore that I am couldn’t turn down the opportunity to make a segment all about me! It was definitely a good time to be on the show again but even cooler to sit back and watch Bob and Dale do their thing. Best of all was interacting with the loyal audience we share. When you have time, be sure to give a listen to Episode #382 – Jerry to the Rescue. The ‘What Else I’ve Been Smoking‘ segment starts at the 1:21:15 mark (give or take a couple seconds):

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6 thoughts on “Jerry to the Rescue

  1. Enjoyed the segment Jerry. Refreshing and entertaining. They should have you on more. No offense to the Craig guy but man, he can talk. LOL

  2. I love that we can watch the live version after the fact now. I first picked up Dogwatch when you and Walt were on back in probably 2005 or 2006. Haven’t missed an episode since. They should put you guys on for the what else segment at least once a month.

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