little monsters pictorial

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little monsters pictorial

Well the awaited little monsters by Tatuaje Cigars have hit W.Curtis Draper (my home shop). Below are a few pics I snapped of the box I got. Too bad I don’t have anymore of the Frank to snap a pic of it with Frank Jr. In An Afternoon with Pete Johnson series, Pete told us that he is making 10,000 boxes of little monsters. Which in reality will be 5,000 boxes since almost everyone will buy two boxes. Then you have you collectors who will try and collect the six collector cards. Brian and I saw these being packaged at the My Father Cigars factory on our recent trip to Nicaragua. Pete said that the 10,000 boxes are being boxed as quickly as possible but the 10,000 boxes will probably be distributed in several batches.

Enjoy the pictures…

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6 thoughts on “little monsters pictorial

  1. OK I get the whole Monster theme, and I love Tatuaje and all Pete’s stuff, but honestly these vitolas look like they were left out in the rain! Really?

  2. I’m sure they’re nice cigars and all, but I just dont’ get the whole cartoon monster theme.

  3. I’ve usually been able to snag a box of the regular Monsters, but not these! These Lil Monsters were all bought up in less than 24 hours country-wide.

    Although, from what you and others have noted, Pete Johnson seems to have said that they will come out in waves, so hoping to get a box in the next wave. [If you see any, buy me 1 and I’ll pay you back! 🙂 ]

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