JD Hightower – First Impressions

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JD Hightower – First Impressions

Welcome to this weeks review of the JD Hightower cigar which is a collaboration between Victor Vitale and Jose Dominguez. This cigar is available in 3 sizes right now, 6×60, 6.5×62 torpedo and a 6×70, with a 7×70 due to be released in the beginning of next year. All of these cigars are box pressed and have a Brazilian wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan and Dominican filler. This is a first impressions review which means this is the only one I have smoked of this cigar. This has come to me by my friend Michael Williams who is my partner in crime at Stogie411 and he got this direct from Victor I believe. MSRP for these cigars is $6-$9 including the 7×70 which will be released after the initial three sizes.

Starting out this JD Hightower there is a spicy taste on the cold draw with natural tobacco and not much of anything on the foot or wrapper other than a slight tobacco scent. Lighting takes a bit as it is a big boy. First puffs give a spicy taste with wood and natural tobacco included. Draw on this big guy is nice and loose. If you like a less open draw, this stick may be a good one to use a punch on. Getting a lot of the zing that is associated with Nicaraguan tobacco which has taken over the flavor profile other than a slight wood taste in the background. Burn has been great so far with no touchups needed and the draw is still very open. hitting the halfway point with the spice and that zing right up front and a woody taste in the background. Full flavor with the spice but medium body.

Heading into the second half of this JD Hightower cigar and I have to admit, I am hoping the spicy zing calms down a bit. I like spice but too much of it in a big cigar just kind of tires me out. Still going strong with the spice but more of the woody taste is coming through and evening out the taste a bit. Retrohale gives a nice gentle spice and added a little cocoa to the mix. Power has picked up a little bit but I would still call it a medium. Starting to get a bit of a bread taste coming in which is good for me as it seems to have really reduced the zingy spice. Hit full bodied at the end with more woody and bread taste than anything.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. I want to try some more to make sure the ones coming out are the same. If they are the same then I would keep a few on hand for occasions I am in the mood for that amount of zingy spice but I could not smoke it daily.

Stay tuned for either a full review or a vertical tasting (maybe both) of the JD Hightower coming up in the future.

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  1. Forget 9 x 90!! I think someone should come out with a 10×100 as it has a nice, round number feel to it. LMAO. Ridiculous how big some of these sticks are.

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