Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee

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Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee

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Wrapper : Connecticut Havana Seed
Binder : Honduran
Filler : Dominican and Nicaraguan
Source : with my own money

Welcome to this week’s cigar review of the Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee in the toro size.

This week’s cigar is available in four sizes, Churchill (7.0×50), Robusto (5.5×50), Toro (6.0×50) and a Torpedo (6.5×54).

Prices range from $49.95 to $54.95 per box of 20.


First glance of this Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee and I would describe it as, rustic. It does not look bad at all but just a little rough around the edges maybe.

I will say this cigar has a footband that does give some problems every now and again. It isnt that it pulls the wrapper apart but if they are wrapped too tight it is really hard to get that piece of tape off to remove the footband.

Wrapper gives off a little hay scent while the foot is mainly natural tobacco.

Cold draw gives a woody tobacco taste with maybe a hint of spice.

Snip, oops, snip again, light it up.

First Half

.Heading into the first half of the Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee and I was surprised by a cinnamon taste on about the second puff. I have not had it since then but it was interesting and unique.

I have had some of these where the draw was super tight but this one has just a slight resistence to it, so it should be fine.

Main flavors in this first half have been a woody taste along with a zingy spice.

Burn has been great on this stick, where some of them I had to do quite a few touchups or relights.

Personally, I think this cigar is still in the mild range.

Second Half

Into the second half of this Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee and I wish the flavor profile would change up some to keep the cigar interesting. We shall see.

Ending out the second half and I could almost copy and paste from the first half.

May have gotten into the medium range but I would still consider it a milder stick.

Flavors got a little more intense towards the end but then bitterness creeped in and I ended it a little earlier than burning my fingers.


Overall this Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee was a decent smoke for the price but nothing i would want to sit down with a nice glass of Zaya and focus on.

Would I buy them again? Maybe. I will have to see how some do with age but right now, they are a nice smoke for those times you just want to smoke something and ignore the cigar 90% of the time.

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13 thoughts on “Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee

  1. Hey Mike,

    Have you had any other Victor Sinclairs? I tried a ’55’ series sampler, and there just wasn’t a whole lot of flavor to any of them. I guess there is a place for them, but it probably won’t be in my humidor.

    Everyone is going to miss the clock!

  2. Nice review once again! With ribbon material you mean silk? Any way, Nothomb wrong with a no-nonsense snack cigar right?!?

  3. Mike,

    These are a big favorite of mine. Never tasted the cinnamon, but sometimes get a hint of cocoa. Hard to beat for the price, and these can usually be picked up on for less. A tasty, slow-burning stick with a nice -looking band on it that’s a pain to take off in one piece! Thanks for another review.

      1. Hmm, snobbiness, perhaps? These may not be for me (and they aren’t), but that doesn’t mean that others out there won’t like them. To each his own. Sarcasm in lieu of constructive criticism is useless. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. I hold my hands up…I am indeed a sarcastic snob. Having said that, I will continue to say what I wish whenever I want. Starting to think that maybe this site is not for me. It’s seem that there is a lot of people who visit here take themselves a tad too seriously.

          I think too much twittering is having an effect on a lot of you.

          1. I’m all for humor, but your comment seemed to come off as a shot directed at the other poster. If it wasn’t, no big deal. Twitter? Never heard of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Well, I think the reason they don’t get reviewed is very few sites actually do cigar reviews. All most sites do is blog on the latest and greatest cigar. Anyone can do that. A reviewer should review all types and sorts of cigars. A blogger can just talk about their experiences and we can all read about it.

        So that’s the reason most sites don’t review cigars like the Victor Sinclair, Augusto Reyes or others in my opinion.

  4. I purchased a box of these inexpensive sticks a bit over 3 years ago. After smoking one shortly after, I’d say you review was spot on. I took anther one out of my humidor today; if it was the same, they were to be added to my give aways. Surprisingly, the stick was relatively good, with lots of earthy flavored, no bitterness and a perfect burn. I’d say aging saved them and was the way to go.

    1. Thanx for letting me know. I think these were some i had to throw away when I got my mold infestation ๐Ÿ™ I will have to check to see if I have any left and to make sure to hold on to them for a good long time.

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